Root Canals (Endodontic Therapy) Articles

After 23+ years of practicing dentistry and helping people with their health and their smile Dr. Andreaus still finds it to be fun, enjoyable, and challenging.

Laser dentistry procedures are among the most innovative treatment options available for completing a root canal, removing decay and improving the smile. The Waterlase™ dental laser procedure is a high-tech solution that reduces the discomfort associated with many dental procedures by spraying atomized water and administering laser energy accurately and effectively into the treatment area. This innovative technology can be used to create a smile makeover, for soft tissue procedures, and also for cavity preparation.

When your teeth become infected, the only way to reduce the risk of the infection spreading and protect your surrounding teeth and gums is with a root canal. Root canal therapy is designed to correct problems in the connective tissue, nerves and blood vessels surrounding your teeth, and you must see an endodondist for this specialized procedure.