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Once you decide that a butt implant is your best option for more shapely buttocks, you must determine the placement of the implants. For patients wanting more fullness in the upper buttocks area, the butt implants must be placed submuscular. (For patients wanting fullness in the lower buttocks area, see subfascial butt implants) Your cosmetic surgeon or board certified plastic surgeon should lay out your options and help you decide.

Once you decide that a butt implant is your best option, your cosmetic surgeon or board certified plastic surgeon will ask you to chose where you would like the butt implants. The perfect candidate for butt implants subfascial is someone who is looking for a significant increase in fullness in the mid & lower buttocks. (For patients wanting fullness in the upper buttocks area see submuscular butt implants)

The Royal Wedding had millions of viewers glued to the TV screens earlier this year to watch a legend in the making, but it was Kate Middleton’s sister – Pippa Middleton – who sparked the demand for plastic surgery after showing off her figure in a form-fitting gown. The “Pippa Butt Lift” has been making waves across the pond, and is now among the most sought-after plastic surgery procedures for women, according to Miami-based celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Constantino Mendieta.

Breast Augmentation is the most frequently performed plastic surgery on women in the U.S. today. Over 300,000 women undergo breast augmentation every year, with the popularity of the procedure ever increasing, especially amongst female body-builders.

Brenda Dickson is a 34 year-old mother from Dallas, Texas. After having twins she didn't look the same as she used to. She had loose skin around her abdomen, lost some of the shape in breasts, and just didn't feel as attractive as she once was. So like many women in her situation, she considered cosmetic surgery her only opportunity to regain her youthful appearance. Well, to make a long story short, mission accomplished; her surgery was a success and she has been recovering nicely. It wasn't the type of case highlighted so often on television shows, where she received such a complete makeover that friends and family could barely recognize her, nor did she suffer any kind of Frankenstein-esque disfigurement that left her embarrassed and distraught.

Kim Kardashian continues to be among the most talked-about and watched Hollywood celebrities and is famous for her curvy figure. Rumors that Kardashian has had butt implants continue to run through the media season after season, but the starlet has stated that she has not had any type of butt augmentation procedure. How does Kim Kardashian maintain that curvy figure and shapely rear? She claims that most of it is genetics and she also maintains a consistent workout routine.

When your nipple falls below the level of your breast crease, it’s time to contact your cosmetic surgeon or board-certified plastic surgeon for help. If your breasts are sagging severely, a vertical lift, or vertical mastopexy, can restore your breasts to their more natural-looking appearance.

In the midst of the shocking news about former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s affair with Mildred Baena and his out-of-wedlock son, Schwarzenegger has also been found guilty of paying for his mistress’s plastic surgery makeover. According to recent news reports, Schwarzenegger shelled out the funds to pay for his housekeeper’s breast implants and lip augmentation procedure. Hollywood Life reports that he also paid for breast implants for his mistress’s adult daughter, Jackie.

A lean, sculpted midsection isn’t easy to achieve with a healthy diet or intensive workout regimen. Men and women who have stubborn body fat along the torso often turn to the mini tummy tuck or full abdominoplasty to lose the excess weight around the midsection and reshape their body for a more attractive look.

This 21 year old patient from California wanted to trim the weight around her tummy area and nothing worked. Like most people, she probably worked out like crazy. But there comes a point in your weight loss goal that diet and exercise will no longer help. Sometimes, your fatty deposits are hereditary. While it might be a bit frustrating, there is a solution to getting down to your ideal weight or shape. The best solution to lose those last ten pounds is liposuction.