Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) Articles

Blake Lively, a popular cast member of the “Gossip Girl” series, underwent the rhinoplasty procedure – now known as the Blake Lively nose job – in 2006 but initially claimed that her procedure was just a rumor. Lively was just 20 years old when she went under the knife to have her nose reshaped to create a more delicate, feminine appearance. She had her procedure after filming the movie “Accepted” in 2006.

The Jennifer Grey nose job is one of the most well-known examples of celebrity plastic surgery, but did her rhinoplasty procedure ruin her career? Actress Jennifer Grey rose to stardom after appearing in Dirty Dancing and wowing the world over with her dance moves and toned body. While many were enamored with the actress after her appearance on the movie, she decided that wasn’t enough and underwent a nose job to improve her facial profile.

In a recent episode of Glee, the team got busy working on their dance moves for Mister Schue’s Rump-Shakin’ Booty Camp but Finn managed to hit Rachel in the face, breaking her nose. The doctor treating Rachel suggested that this recent event would be the perfect opportunity for the star to get a nose job (officially known as the rhinoplasty procedure). Nose jobs are designed to repair or realign the deviated septum, or asymmetry of the nose. Finn is against the idea of Rachel getting a nose job, but this Glee star thinks the procedure may help her acting career and make her more marketable.

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