Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) Articles

Individual surgeons have different philosophies in their approach to cosmetic plastic surgery. We have all seen surgical results that look obviously operated and sometimes distorted. Dr. Samuel aims to achieve a surgical result that looks as natural as possible. This is especially important in nasal surgery and rejuvenative facial surgery but is a principal which should be observed throughout the plastic surgery field.

Dr. Sam Gershenbaum has a reputation for cosmetic surgery excellence as Miami, Florida’s master surgeon. Acclaimed for his artistry, Dr. Gershenbaum sees patients from across the country and around the world; He is the cosmetic surgeon of choice for national and international models, show business personalities and professional sports figures. A virtual who’s who, his client list includes cover girls, super models, playboy centerfolds, pro athletes, television celebrities, as well as people just like you.

Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Eng-Peng Tan explains to Christine Doggett how rhinoplasty can balance the facial features.

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. - Reality TV shows are creating a greater public awareness of cosmetic surgery and may attribute to the growth in procedures, however, these shows have not caused a rampant increase. The number of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures increased 5 percent in 2004, with more than 9.2 million procedures performed – a growth rate steady with that of the U.S. economy, according to statistics released today by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). New five-year trending data shows cosmetic procedures are up 24 percent from 2000, reports the ASPS.

Kim Kardashian is often rumored to have had plastic surgery, but has continued to state that she has never gone under the knife. Many people believe Kardashian has had buttock implants or breast augmentation, but the star insists that these are completely natural and a result of her Armenian heritage. This doesn’t mean Kardashian is against cosmetic surgery, however. She recently went to see a nose job surgeon to achieve a nose shape that is “less Armenian” but the surgeon turned her away because he said that she doesn’t need to have plastic surgery.

Celebrity nose jobs inspire many a rhinoplasty procedure at plastic surgery centers around the country, and you may have considered getting a nose job yourself. Vienna Girardi, 25, a “Bachelor” show alum recently underwent a nose job procedure and isn’t afraid to share it. She recently told Us Weekly that she simply “wasn’t happy” with the way she looked.

“Princess of Pop” Lady Gaga continues to entertain fans with her music, outrageous outfits and extreme behaviors, and some people think that she also might have undergone a nose job at some point in her career. The Lady Gaga nose job has been a topic of debate in the media since the star rose to prominence in 2009 and 2010, and many people have been comparing Lady Gaga's before and after nose job pictures to see if she had some type of nose reduction or nose reshaping surgery.

Dozens of celebrities go under the knife to achieve the Hollywood ideal each year, but only a few reap the benefits of a successful celebrity plastic surgery procedure. The Ashlee Simpson nose job is among the most-publicized celebrity plastic surgery procedures to date, and is one of the successful Hollywood transformations. Ashlee Simpson, younger sister of Jessica Simpson, underwent the now-famed Ashlee Simpson nose job procedure to remove the bump in the middle of her nose. The shape of her nose after the procedure is much more delicate and has a more attractive curve.

The Blake Lively nose job, Kim Kardashian nose job and Jennifer Grey nose job are among the most talked-about celebrity nose jobs in history. Dozens Hollywood stars continue to go under the knife to prfect their looks, and patients around the globe are interested in replicating the looks of their favorite celebrity with a rhinoplasty procedure. Celebrity nose jobs often serve as inspiration for a nose job procedure, but only a handful of rhinoplasty surgeons around the country have the skill and experience to replicate a particular celebrity’s features.

Orlando, Fla—A national independent television station out of Puerto Rico says it has exclusive information that Casey Anthony was hiding in Orlando, plans to have plastic surgery and is moving to California.