Neck Liposuction Articles

If dimpled thighs, excess fat around waist line or a few stubborn pounds around your hips are holding you back from looking your best, you may not have to settle for surgery just yet. Chemical liposuction was one of several fat removal treatments presented at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons Annual Meeting in 2006, and is still undergoing several clinical trials and tests to determine whether this non-surgical procedure can really help melt away those excess fat cells. It may be an alternative to surgical liposuction and other cellulite and fat removal procedures that often come with several side effects.

When those stubborn pounds from pregnancy or unsightly cellulite won’t disappear with diet and exercise, liposuction may be the best solution for achieving a sleek silhouette. Liposuction techniques now incorporate laser technologies, endermologie and infrared heat therapy to melt away the fat cells and resculpt the surrounding tissues. However, conventional liposuction can require weeks of healing and leave noticeable scars from the incision; micro liposuction offers an alternative for thousands of men and women who only need to target a small area.

Rumors about Bristol Palin’s plastic surgery have been flying since the daughter of Sarah Palin was recently photographed with a dramatic change to her appearance. Her new look includes a sculpted jawline, and many people believe that she has had plastic surgery to improve her appearance. Bristol Palin denies that she has had cosmetic surgery on her face, pointing out that she underwent surgery recently strictly for medical reasons.

If you’ve been looking for a quick-fix solution to get rid of unwanted body fat around your face or smaller areas of your body, you could be a good candidate for a micro-lipo procedure. Micro-lipo, also known as MicroLipo and micro liposuction, is an innovative procedure designed to get rid of localized fat deposits in delicate parts of the body and face, and is typically performed on an outpatient basis.