LASIK Eye Surgery Articles

Millions of men and women pursue laser eye surgery to achieve near-perfect vision without glasses or contacts, and there are now several innovative vision correction treatment options available. iLASIK is one of the latest procedures designed to reshape the cornea within a matter of minutes. Instead of undergoing extensive surgery, this quick and simple procedure can be done under 10 minutes and is designed to be almost painless. iLASIK also promises 20/20 vision or better one year after treatment.

Since the late 90's when the first excimer laser received FDA approval for LASIK eye surgery, several companies have developed their own version, touting top of the line technology and making claims that illustrated the advantages of their machine over the competition. Some companies continued making improvements, introducing new models, or funding studies that might illustrate a proven advantage to their machine: anything to gain a competitive advantage in the market place.

If you’ve been thinking about getting laser eye surgery and are reviewing LASIK costs, you may be wondering how exactly these costs are calculated. LASIK has become more affordable than ever and many eye doctors now offer convenient payment plans to finance the treatment. You can also turn to third-party financing providers to get a low-interest, mini-loan for your procedure.