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Learning how to manage the pain of lung cancer is an important part of the treatment plan recommended by your physician. Many people who have been diagnosed with lung cancer experience pain from the tumor itself, and pain throughout the body where the cancer is spreading. Prescription painkillers are usually not enough to prevent lung cancer pain, but there are some other ways to get the pain relief you need.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has many symptoms, characteristics and traits of several other mental health problems and disorders, and can be difficult to diagnose or treat as a result. Even if you or a loved one is exhibiting some of the common symptoms so associated with ADHD, the individual may actually have a different disorder. Different problems that have symptoms similar to ADHD must be treated with different types of treatment and need to be diagnosed separately.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), prescription medication isn’t the only option for keeping symptoms under control. There are a number of natural treatment options available for people with ADHD, and some can improve symptoms dramatically in a very short period of time. From dietary changes to taking herbal supplements, many doctors recommend alternative therapies for treating ADHD and its symptoms.

Many people diagnosed with bipolar disorder take prescription medications to keep symptoms under control. There is no cure for bipolar disorder and many doctors and psychotherapists encourage patients to make some lifestyle changes or pursue natural therapies to improve their quality of life. People with bipolar disorder struggle with cycles of severe depression and manic episodes, and often need help from a professional and well-trained psychotherapy professional.

Even though many doctors and psychotherapists prescribe medication to patients diagnosed with bipolar disorder, there are several ways to self-manage the symptoms of the disorder and keep its effects under control. Eating certain foods and taking certain types of supplements can help to reduce the risk of severe mood swings and other symptoms associated with bipolar disorder, and even though there is no specific “bipolar diet”, patients can improve their lifestyle and enjoy a better quality of life by optimizing their nutrition plan.

Psoriasis is a chronic and reoccurring skin condition and typically appears in the form of red and scaly patches on the elbows, knees and other parts of the body. Many people with psoriasis can manage symptoms with light therapy, topical treatments and certain medications. This skin condition can be triggered by certain factors in the environment, so sufferers may need to make some lifestyle changes and adjustments to avoid aggravating the skin further.

Living with psoriasis can be challenging and those suffering from psoriasis can keep symptoms under control by using certain types of skin care products. Many topical treatments for psoriasis of the skin are available by prescription only and can be very effective for reducing the itchiness and scaly skin associated with the chronic disease. Some types of moisturizers, cleansers and sunscreens are especially effective for protecting and improving the texture of skin that has been affected by psoriasis.

Inflammation of the digestive tract can become worse after eating certain foods. People with Crohn’s disease need to be very careful about their diet and make sure that they are doing everything possible to keep their digestive system in good health. Adults and children with Crohn’s disease may experience abdominal pain, diarrhea and skin problems after eating foods that cause inflammation, and many doctors recommend that sufferers maintain a high-calorie, high-protein diet in order to counteract the effects of the disease.

Living with Crohn’s disease can be challenging but you don’t have to rely only on medication to feel better. You can make several lifestyle changes to minimize flare-ups and also to enjoy a better quality of life. Watching what you eat, maintaining a healthy sleep schedule and pursuing some natural treatments to manage symptoms can help to improve your lifestyle and cope better with Crohn’s disease.

Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) is not fully understood but many researchers and medical professionals believe that the abnormal heart rhythms that occur during a seizure may lead to death. SUDEP is the name given to a death that occurs when an otherwise healthy person dies from a seizure. It has been studied closely but more research is needed to fully understand how and why it would occur. According to the Epilepsy Foundation, SUDEP usually occurs in people with convulsive seizures, especially generalized tonic-clonic seizures.