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Even though your dermatologist may have provided you with topical treatments, creams and even medication to keep the effects of psoriasis under control, keeping your skin looking healthy may require some lifestyle changes. Self-help techniques won’t eliminate the effects of psoriasis completely, but they can help to protect your skin from further damage and even improve its appearance. Most people with psoriasis of the skin experience severe inflammation and have very sensitive skin throughout the year. They often need to take extra steps to avoid extreme heat and cold, use prescription-strength moisturizers daily, and even need to avoid certain types of food.

Psoriatic arthritis occurs in about 30 percent of people who have psoriasis, according to the National Psoriasis Foundation. The condition causes excessive swelling and stiffness around the joints, and typically occurs in men and women between the ages of 30 and 50. Early recognition of psoriatic arthritis can make it easier to manage the effects of the condition and may also prevent progressive damage. There are also a number of treatment options available for psoriatic arthritis.

Living with epilepsy or taking care of a loved with epilepsy presents many challenges. Maintaining a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle is important for people with epilepsy because some activities and even certain foods can trigger seizures. People with epilepsy need to be especially careful about the types of exercises they participate in, what types of foods they eat, and how much sleep they are getting on a regular basis.

Finding ways to prevent seizures is essential for people with epilepsy, but it can take time to adopt some positive lifestyle habits that keep seizures under control. Many people with epilepsy find that certain foods, activities and factors in the environment can trigger a seizure, and they need to take extra steps to avoid them in day-to-day life. Doctors and health experts also recommend a number of lifestyle modification strategies to prevent seizures and to keep epileptic fits under control.

Some of the side effects of arthritis – joint inflammation, swelling, heat, redness and pain – can make it very difficult to sustain a consistent exercise routine and but there are some ways to enjoy the benefits of arthritis without hurting yourself. People with arthritis can benefit from range of motion exercises, resistance exercises and aerobic or endurance exercises that improve cardiovascular fitness. It’s always important to discuss your exercise or workout regimen with your doctor, and if possible, start a new regiment with a qualified personal trainer or therapist.

Managing and monitoring blood glucose levels when you have diabetes can be a challenge. If you are taking care of a child with diabetes, it can be especially difficult to make sure you get accurate blood glucose readings and are able to monitor the child’s diet. Creating a system and making sure to commit to a schedule of checking blood glucose throughout the day can make it much easier to enjoy a healthy lifestyle with diabetes.

Getting accurate readings when monitoring your blood glucose levels is an important part of diabetes management. Test strips and other diabetic supplies can be expensive, and you will need to set aside time to monitor your blood glucose levels at several intervals throughout the day. There are some things you can do to ensure you get accurate blood glucose readings.

Taking good care of your bones when you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis is a top priority, regardless of how old you are. Many physicians and specialists recommend taking certain vitamin supplements and making changes to the daily diet so that bones stay as strong as possible. Since the effects of osteoporosis cannot be reversed, it is even more important for individuals diagnosed with this disease to take steps that keep bones healthy and strong.

Physical activity is essential for bone growth and muscle strength. The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends weight-bearing exercises for people with osteoporosis because resistance training can be especially effective for preventing deterioration of the bones and can actually increase bone density. A combination of light aerobic exercise and weight-bearing exercises can improve your health and well-being, and also rebuild bone mass and strength.

When a tumor invades the lungs, some of the common effects are respiratory problems, changes in the voice and a persistent hacking cough. Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing at night and frequent infections of the sinuses, nose and mouth are also common symptoms of lung cancer. When lung cancer spreads, most people experience some significant side effects and may become extremely weak and sore. Many people with later-stage lung cancer also lose a lot of weight and have problems with balance and gait.