Facial Rejuvenation Articles

If wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin are taking their toll on your appearance, you may have considered a facelift or other facial rejuvenation procedure to restore your youthful looks. Face lifts can tighten and firm up the skin after just one treatment, and some may even help increase collagen levels that help you maintain that youthful glow.

If you’ve considered a face lift or other facial rejuvenation procedure to get rid of wrinkles and erase the signs of aging, financing the procedure may be a challenge.

While diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle can keep your body in shape, sagging skin around the face might not respond to even the healthiest regiment. Sagging facial skin can be a result of environmental factors and poor health habits, but most of the effects are simply due to genetics. A surgical facelift and laser facial rejuvenation are a few ways to combat the problem, but facial yoga may be an effective non-surgical option for many.

While wrinkle removal treatments and beauty products can help you erase the signs of aging, a few changes in your diet and lifestyle may also help you stop the clock.

Dry, dull looking skin can add years to appearance and may not respond to your usual skincare or makeup routine. If you’re not getting enough sleep, are undergoing extreme stress, or even experiencing hormonal shifts, the effects can quickly show up on your skin. Toxins from the environment and an unhealthy diet can further compound the effects, making skin look far from healthy.