Dermatology Articles

BOTOX treatments accounted for nearly 3 million cosmetic procedures in 2007, and continue to be one of the most popular choices for reducing wrinkles and giving the skin a youthful appearance.

Whether you’re interested in acne treatments, skin cancer surgery or laser skin resurfacing to get rid of wrinkles, you’ll need to work with a qualified dermatologist who has received the advanced training and education for performing skin treatments safely and effectively. Working with a physician who has the skills and experience to perform some of today’s innovative procedures may increase the chances of a favorable outcome and reduce the risk of skin burns, excessive scarring and disfigurement that may be a side effect of certain types of laser procedures.

If you are looking for wart removal or pre-cancer growth removal treatments, your dermatologist may recommend a liquid nitrogen treatment where the skin is frozen with liquid nitrogen gas so that it completely destroys the skin growth and cells. Liquid nitrogen skin treatments can be mildly uncomfortable, but offer several benefits for skin conditions that cannot be treated with conventional methods. Here’s a close look at how liquid nitrogen treatments work, and what the key benefits and drawbacks of this procedure are:

Whether you have a ruddy complexion, age spots, or just an uneven skin tone, chemical peels are a simple way to give your skin a boost and improve its texture.

Laser skin resurfacing treatments can balance out your skin tone, reduce skin discoloration, and even eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Today’s innovative technologies include the C02 laser and Fraxel, and lasers are becoming one of the safest and most effective treatments in skin rejuvenation procedures across the country.

Whether you’re recovering from pregnancy, have lost a significant amount of weight, or made big changes in your diet that are affecting your skin tone, you may be left with unsightly stretch marks – consider them ‘proof’ of your experience.

Dry, dull looking skin can add years to appearance and may not respond to your usual skincare or makeup routine. If you’re not getting enough sleep, are undergoing extreme stress, or even experiencing hormonal shifts, the effects can quickly show up on your skin. Toxins from the environment and an unhealthy diet can further compound the effects, making skin look far from healthy.