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Approximately 45 million women in America between the ages of 20 and 50 have cellulite, and most women cannot reduce its appearance with diet and exercise alone. Once cellulite has formed, it remains on top of the muscles until that fat cells are stimulated with deep massage or some type of laser. The TriActive laser system is designed to target cellulite using three separate mechanisms including suction massage and a low energy laser. Here’s a close look at how the TriActive laser works to combat cellulite, and if you may be a good candidate for this innovative treatment:

Warmer months ahead mean it may soon be time to sport that bathing suit and work on that tan, but is your body in beach-ready shape? If you’ve been struggling to lose those stubborn “vanity” pounds this winter or just want to tone up and trim down before you hit the sun and sand, a trip to the cosmetic surgery center or medical spa can help. Here are six treatment options and procedures that can help you lose that excess weight before Spring Break season:

Zerona is one of the newest body contouring procedures available in the United States and has quickly made its way to hundreds of medical spas and cosmetic surgery centers around the country. If you have been considering liposuction after pregnancy, Zerona could be an attractive alternative to surgery.

Many of today’s innovative cellulite reduction treatments involve administering a combination of heat and light waves to the skin, or using an intensive massage technique to break down fat cells and smooth out dimples under the skin. Acoustic Wave Therapy is one of the latest treatment alternatives on the market, a procedure that promises to reduce cellulite and sun damage by manipulating the connective tissue deep under the skin’s surface using acoustic pulses that pass through the skin and fat to release the cells causing cellulite – the fat cells that are ‘trapped’ under the skin’s surface.

When you’re looking for ways to reduce wrinkles and get rid of fine lines, it doesn’t take long to realize face lift surgery is no longer the only option. Face lift surgery is a fairly extensive procedure that involves multiple incisions and requires weeks of healing; however, today’s innovative procedures can mimic the effects of surgery without a single incision.

Do you have wrinkles, facial folds, crow's feet, or bags under your eyes and want to do something about it, but are intimidated by major surgery or don't have the time or money for a facelift? You now have more options than ever for reversing these signs of aging. The most recent development is minimally invasive facelifts, like FeatherLift®, that take less than an hour and require almost no recovery time.

Having radiant skin every day isn’t always easy, and even the healthiest lifestyle and skincare regiment can leave you with a dull or ruddy complexion.

Juvederm and Restylane Injections are the most popular choices in dermal fillers on the market, but Juvederm is still fairly new – it received FDA approval in the summer of 2006, while Restylane has been the filler of choice since 2003. Both offer many benefits and drawbacks, and some people have reported extremely bad results.

On your search for a qualified cosmetic or plastic surgeon for your facelift, the cost of your procedure may play a role in your final selection.

While cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists in your area offer several facial rejuvenation procedures and anti-aging treatments, a medispa or destination spa can provide a whole suite of services – and are an easy excuse to relax and pamper yourself in the process.