Cosmetic Dermatology Articles

As more and more people turn to cosmetic enhancements and plastic surgery to improve their appearance the latest trend reports show that age really is just a number. Aging gracefully has become a top priority for baby boomers, especially those who are approaching their 50s – and beyond.

Whether your goal is to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles or enhance the skin for a more youthful appearance, you have several options for improving your looks.

Facial powered liposuction is designed to remove the excess fat around the jawline, chin and neck area to create a more attractive and balanced facial profile. In many cases, diet and exercise aren’t enough to reduce the size of fatty deposits that accumulate around the neck and chin area, so liposuction is necessary to remove the fat permanently. Facial liposuction offers several benefits for men and women of all ages. Here’s a close look at how this procedure works, and what its key benefits are:

With thousands of skincare products and treatments available, it’s easy to believe quality skin care comes in a bottle. Today’s buzzwords of ‘antioxidants’ and 'all natural mineral' treatments sound like perfect solutions for dozens of skin problems, but they may be nothing more than marketing hype.

Medical spas are a convenient alternative to the cosmetic surgeon’s office, offering the soothing therapies of a traditional spa along with your treatment of choice.

Sun spots and age spots can develop at any time, and some people are more prone to developing these pigmented patches on the skin than others. While there are several cosmetic preparations that can be applied to the skin to reduce the appearance of sun spots, laser skin rejuvenation methods are the only effective way to permanently get rid of the spots after a single or series of treatments. The Apogee Laser is among the latest innovations in skin rejuvenation and hair removal, and promises significant results after a single treatment.

Laser hair removal treatments are a proven method of getting rid of facial or body hair permanently, and can help you skip the cumbersome shaving and waxing routine. However, these high-powered lasers can leave your skin more sensitive than usual, and you may even leave the doctor’s office with small bumps or redness in the treatment area.

Many of today’s leading acne treatments involve aggressive lasers and chemical peel treatments that help to reduce acne problems from deep within the skin’s layers, and restore the skin after acne scarring. Acne scars can be difficult to treat with topical treatments and facials, but the skin can be restored with dermal fillers and other facial rejuvenation treatments such as dermaplaning.

Pregnancy, rapid weight loss and hormones can all trigger a case of stretch marks, a skin condition that affects most women at some stage of their lives.

Researchers and scientists have yet to find a way to stop the aging process, but taking good care of your skin can keep you looking younger, longer. Keeping up with a healthy skin management routine can reduce your risk of developing fine lines and wrinkles, age spots or hollowed cheeks, helping you look decades younger and enjoy a radiant, vibrant appearance all year long.