Cosmetic BOTOX® Articles

Dr. Sam Gershenbaum has a reputation for cosmetic surgery excellence as Miami, Florida’s master surgeon. Acclaimed for his artistry, Dr. Gershenbaum sees patients from across the country and around the world; He is the cosmetic surgeon of choice for national and international models, show business personalities and professional sports figures. A virtual who’s who, his client list includes cover girls, super models, playboy centerfolds, pro athletes, television celebrities, as well as people just like you.

If you’re already a Botox junkie or have thought about getting anti-wrinkle injections to maintain a youthful look, it may be time to try out Dysport, the latest Botox alternative, instead. Dysport has recently been proven better for getting rid of crow’s feet than Botox, according to the results of a study published in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery. The study compared the two different injectables in a 30-day trial, and patients rated Dysport to be much more effective for reducing the appearance of crow’s feet than Botox when smiling.

The 2008 economic stimulus package from the IRS means over 130 million American households will be receiving an extra check in the mail, an effort to encourage spending during the economic recession.

Do you have wrinkles, facial folds, crow's feet, or bags under your eyes and want to do something about it, but are intimidated by major surgery or don't have the time or money for a facelift? You now have more options than ever for reversing these signs of aging. The most recent development is minimally invasive facelifts, like FeatherLift®, that take less than an hour and require almost no recovery time.