Cancer Treatment Articles

Sedentary lifestyle - A lifestyle that is predominantly inactive. Those who sit for 5 or more hours a day.

When it was first discovered in 1870, botulinum toxin was known as 'sausage poison' because it was often found in undercooked meats.

Approximately 25 percent of people diagnosed with lung cancer experience no symptoms whatsoever. For these people, lung cancer is usually detected by a chest X-ray. Still, the majority of people with lung cancer do develop some symptoms because of the effects of cancer on the hormones, circulatory system, and certain organs of the body.

The most common causes of lung cancer are smoking and exposure to asbestos. However, physicians can’t always explain why someone develops lung cancer and there are several risk factors that can be avoided. In addition to quitting smoking and avoiding exposure to asbestos, there are several things you can do to prevent lung cancer and maintain a healthy lifestyle.