Buttocks Lift (Butt Lift) Articles

While Buttock Augmentation or Butt Implants have grown in popularity, there are many options and questions for those considering a buttock enhancement.

Celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and even Kate Middleton have sparked an emerging trend in butt augmentation procedures. Plastic surgeons around the world are noticing an increasing demand for buttock implants and butt lifts, and many patients are finding that the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is especially effective for creating a natural, sculpted look. Unlike butt implants, the Brazilian butt lift involves using the patient’s own body fat to add volume to the buttocks. This can help to create long-lasting and more natural-looking results.

Hydrogel butt injections are minimally invasive cosmetic procedures that add volume to the buttocks. The main components of the injection solution are water and polyacrylamide. Inside the body, it acts as a filler to add size to the butt for a more shapely look. However, even though hydrogels like Juvederm© and Restylane© are used regularly in the face and lips, hydrogels have not been legalized for use in the buttocks in the United States. You might want to talk to your cosmetic surgeon or board certified plastic surgeon about buttock fat injections.

Loose skin is a common outcome of extreme weight loss, such as after pregnancy, losing a substantial amount of weight from weight loss surgery, medical weight loss or natural dieting. Very few people can successfully get rid of loose skin with diet and exercise; the excess skin does not ‘burn off’ the body in the same way as body fat does, so surgery may be necessary to reshape and contour the body. Body lift procedures provide a solution for managing loose skin; these procedures involve repositioning the skin and removing excess skin folds to completely reshape the area. Plastic surgeons offer a number of different types of body lift procedures for patients who want to sculpt their body and achieve an attractive silhouette.

If you’ve been inspired to change your look by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Pippa Middleton and Kim Kardashian, you may be wondering if butt implants or butt lift surgery are right for you. Take a look at these butt implant pictures to get an idea of the types of changes you can expect from this procedure.

Buttock enhancement’s popularity is growing. Today women and men are seeking a more lifted, projected, and shaped buttock that reflects youth and physical fitness. In some ways the U.S. is just now catching up to the rest of the world, as surgeons from around the globe and particularly in South America have been addressing this trend for decades.

The Royal Wedding had millions of viewers glued to the screen to watch Prince William and Kate Middleton go through the classic British wedding ceremonial rituals, and many viewers and guests couldn’t help but notice Pippa Middleton’s attractive figure. The bride’s sister has sparked an increase in requests for butt lifts and butt implant surgeries in Great Britain, and there are now several Facebook fan pages dedicated entirely to Ms. Middleton’s backside.

Whether you’re apple-shaped or have a more athletic figure with few curves, you might have considered getting butt implants to achieve an hourglass shape and more feminine silhouette. Butt lifts and buttock implants are attractive options for women who want to add curves in an area that they never seem to gain weight in. The Brazilian butt lift is becoming increasingly popular for women who want to increase the size of their buttocks without the implants. In this procedure, the surgeon uses the patient’s own body fat to augment the buttock tissue – much like a fat transfer breast augmentation procedure.

The Royal Wedding had millions of viewers glued to the TV screens earlier this year to watch a legend in the making, but it was Kate Middleton’s sister – Pippa Middleton – who sparked the demand for plastic surgery after showing off her figure in a form-fitting gown. The “Pippa Butt Lift” has been making waves across the pond, and is now among the most sought-after plastic surgery procedures for women, according to Miami-based celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Constantino Mendieta.