Buttocks Augmentation (Fat Injections) Articles

Cells are the smallest unit of life, the very building block of life, and together make us and all other multicellular organism what we are. Adult cells are usually specialized for specific function (i.e. cartilage, acid secretion in the stomache, etc). However, some cells remain less specialized and differentiated, called stem cells. Stem cells play a primary role in the healing process, and are capable of dividing into a wide variety of cell types. While stem cells previously were collected using aspiration of bone marrow, but recently they have been found in very high numbers in fat, which is much easier to collect and more abundant. The ease of obtaining adult stem cells from fat currently makes liposuction the preferred method for collection, and avoids the risk and controversy of embryonic stem cell use.

As more full-figured and curvaceous celebrities become prominent fixtures in the media, many women are opting to have plastic surgery to enhance the curve of their butt. Stars like Jennifer Lopez, Queen Latifah, and Beyonce Knowles represent a growing change in an industry once obsessed with having a bigger butt.

The Royal Wedding had millions of viewers glued to the TV screens earlier this year to watch a legend in the making, but it was Kate Middleton’s sister – Pippa Middleton – who sparked the demand for plastic surgery after showing off her figure in a form-fitting gown. The “Pippa Butt Lift” has been making waves across the pond, and is now among the most sought-after plastic surgery procedures for women, according to Miami-based celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Constantino Mendieta.