Breast Reduction Surgery Articles

Many women get breast implants after they’ve lost a significant amount of weight and don’t want to deal with sagging or droopy breasts anymore. It seems logical that a saline or silicone implant won’t shrink or grow in size after weight gain or weight loss after the breast implant procedure, but that isn’t always the case. In many cases, gaining weight or losing weight will change your silhouette significantly and can make your implants appear larger or smaller. Here’s a closer look at what really happens with weight changes after breast implants:

While thousands of women flock to the plastic surgeon’s office for the ever-popular breast augmentation procedure, many are looking for the opposite effect: breast reduction. Very large breasts can be painful and cumbersome for some women, and limit their ability to participate in certain sports or even find clothing that fits them properly. Breast reduction surgery can help to relieve this burden. Dr. Diane Duncan, M.D., at the Plastic Surgical Associates of Fort Collins, CO now offers an alternative to the traditional ‘mammaplasty’ procedure using a liposuction technique. The liposuction breast reduction procedure promises less scarring and better results. View some of these breast reduction before and after pictures.

While it may not be as popular as the breast augmentation procedure, the breast reduction procedure is the only way to reduce the size and volume of the breasts permanently. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia so you may experience some common side effects of the anesthesia itself, as well as the effects of a somewhat traumatic surgery. Knowing what to expect from your procedure can help you get through the recovery process with as little discomfort as possible.

"Man-boobs", "moobs", and "man breasts", these are just some of the slang-terms for a condition medically referred to as gynecomastia, literally meaning "woman-like breasts".

Sagging or drooping breasts are common after pregnancy or when you have lost a lot of weight quickly. Breasts can also droop or sag over time, and there is no exercise that can restore them to their perkier state. The breast lift procedure is designed specifically to restore sagging breasts and has become one of the most popular “enhancement” procedures for women of all ages. If you want perkier, rounder, more youthful-looking breasts without breast implants, a breast lift could be the best way to achieve a more youthful bust line.

It’s truly a matter of choice. Some women like their large breasts, some want theirs smaller. That is where breast reduction surgery comes into play. Breast Reduction surgery is done to remove excess fat, tissue and skin from the breast.

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. - Reality TV shows are creating a greater public awareness of cosmetic surgery and may attribute to the growth in procedures, however, these shows have not caused a rampant increase. The number of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures increased 5 percent in 2004, with more than 9.2 million procedures performed – a growth rate steady with that of the U.S. economy, according to statistics released today by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). New five-year trending data shows cosmetic procedures are up 24 percent from 2000, reports the ASPS.

The Importance of the Type of Anesthesia that You Undergo