Breast Augmentation (Breast Implants) Articles

If you’ve made the decision to get breast implants, your plastic surgeon will provide you with a recovery plan and guidelines to reduce any complications from the procedure. Even though breast augmentation is still one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States, it is a fairly extensive procedure and not without complications. You need to take steps to prepare yourself before the surgery and have a plan in place to ensure a speedy recovery.

Breast augmentation is still one of the most popular procedures for women and there are a number of reasons why a woman would seek breast implants or a breast lift. If you’re very self-conscious about your chest size and want a permanent change, you can work with a board-certified plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon to improve your breast shape and size with implants, fillers, or even a fat grafting procedure. But are you really ready to go under the knife? And, are you doing it for the right reasons?

If you want to improve the size and shape of your breasts but don’t want to undergo surgery for a breast lift, you may have wondered if exercise will help. Weightlifting and resistance exercises can be very effective for strengthening the upper body and chest muscles but they won’t do much to lift and perk up your breasts. Weightlifting can, however, make your pectoralis muscle more defined so your breasts might have a firmer base to rest on. However, the actual size and shape of your breasts won’t change from exercise alone.

You’ll see results right after your breast augmentation procedure but you might be wondering, how long will they last? Most women with breast implants enjoy the fact that they can wear swimsuits and low-cut tops with confidence. However, it’s important to remember that these results are not permanent. If you gain or lose weight, experience some significant hormonal changes, or you live a very active lifestyle, you may need to undergo a breast lift or get a new set of implants.

Dr. Pedy Ganchi, a board certified plastic surgeon with more than 9 years of experience in performing breast implants. Dr. Pedy answered our questions on what you need to know concerning the breast implant surgery.

Former singer Amy Winehouse and among the many plastic surgery “addicts” among celebrity circles, died on July 24, 2011 and the autopsy reveals no cause of death at this time. The Los Angeles Times reports that the 27-year-old singer has left fans and family members waiting for the final toxicology results that won’t be ready for another two to four weeks. Fans and family members from around the globe have been paying their respects to the singer this week, and the world is waiting for the toxicology reports to come back to find out what exactly happened. It is unclear whether the death was caused by a drug overdose, a homicide or even suicide.

Many women are getting breast implants to help boost their self esteem, but research shows that some may be doing it to mask an even bigger psychological problem that could lead to suicide.

If you’ve thought about getting a breast lift to make your breasts appear rounder or perkier, you may be worried about the potential scarring involved. Sagging and drooping breasts are easily corrected with a breast lift but this procedure can cause some deep, visible scars that take years to heal. The short scar breast lift is a variation on the traditional technique and was designed for women who are only getting a small amount of work done on the breast tissue. This procedure may be a better option for women who only need a very small adjustment to the breasts, and want to avoid the long incisions and scarring involved with the traditional breast lift procedure.

Doctors, patients and lawmakers could not agree whether their use in cosmetic surgery was a safe investment.

If you are thinking about getting breast implants but may be having children in the near future, you might be wondering if you should hold off on breast augmentation surgery until after your procedure. Many women have fears that breast implants will interfere with their pregnancy in some way, or that they will have trouble breastfeeding when the baby arrives. However, these are some common myths about implants and you can discuss all of these issues with your surgeon during your consultation.