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Losing body fat with liposuction is just one way to improve your silhouette. If you’re interested in changing the shape and contours of your body without surgery, consider a non invasive body slimming procedure. Many plastic surgeons in the United States now offer several non invasive body slimming treatments that can help to reduce inches, improve the appearance of problem areas and help you achieve a more sculpted, contoured appearance. Since many of these procedures don’t involve any downtime, you can go back to work and resume other activities shortly after your visit.

Is your stomach in good shape for bikini season? Spring break is right around the corner and the summer months may have you heading to the coast or basking in the sun soon enough. If you’re still yearning for a flat and toned stomach, liposuction isn’t the only way to achieve the look you want. Many cosmetic surgeons now recommend Body by Thermage for a flat stomach, an innovative skin tightening procedure that can shrink the tissues and create a smooth, flat and toned appearance. It’s a non-surgical alternative to plastic surgery, and could be just what you need to get a flat stomach for Spring.

‘Tis the season for calorie-rich drinks, lots of gourmet food and festivities centered around eating and drinking. The holidays can easily leave you with a few extra pounds, and if you haven’t met the weight loss goal you set over New Year’s, you still have time to slim down and get in shape before the holiday revelries begin. Getting a head start on your weight loss and shape-up regimen can help you look and feel great over the holiday season, and may even ward off those oncoming pounds.

Holiday season is right around the corner, which means now is a great time to update your look with a cosmetic procedure. Whether you want to lose a few inches to fit into that holiday party dress, or say goodbye to wrinkles to erase a few years, it’s easy to get a mini-makeover well before the holiday revelries begin!

Afraid to hit the beach because of a few unsightly pounds or cellulite? You may be able to sport a bikini after undergoing a body contouring or body reshaping treatment. Some of today’s innovative procedures use radiofrequency energy, mechanical massage and even deep exfoliation to shape, tone and tighten the skin. Here are some body shaping treatments and procedures that can help you get bikini-ready for summer:

If you’re getting ready for your Big Day or attending wedding events this summer, now is a great time to get started on a body makeover plan. Many minimally-invasive cosmetic treatments require a few weeks until you can achieve full results, and in some cases, you can have your procedure performed over a lunch hour.

If a few bulges and cellulite are preventing you from slipping into a bathing suit this season, you don’t have to hide from the sun and sand just yet. Several body reshaping and body contouring procedures can help you slim down and tone up so that you can look and feel your best in that swimsuit.