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A special guest article by Brian Windle, MD, an American Board Certified Plastic Surgeon practicing in Kirkland, WA.

The rumor mill is bustling about actor Tom Cruise’s puffy appearance at a recent awards event in London. Many have long suspected the 50-year-old has maintained his youthful looks with the help of cosmetic surgery procedures. But this most recent change in his face suggests even mega-stars can end up with less than optimal cosmetic surgery results.

Whether you’re booking up BOTOX appointments or heading off for a microdermabrasion treatment, your age plays an important role in the results of your procedure. That’s what experts at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) conference explained during a discussion about cosmetic surgery for aging skin in 2007, shedding some light on how each decade in life correlates to dramatically different results in most patients.

When asked what causes facial aging, many people will correctly answer “volume loss.” The moment we begin to lose that volume, we begin to show our age. Since this volume loss happens to everyone, there is an incredible amount of people searching for the anti-aging cure. As a Cosmetic Dermatologist, who has seen many products, I want to share with you that I have found a product that not only makes your look younger, but also reverses the signs of aging.

While millions of Americans continue to pursue BOTOX treatments to remove frown lines and reduce wrinkles around the eyes, injectable fillers and hybrid filler treatments are also helping ward off the signs of aging.

Sagging facial features, fine lines and wrinkles, and a dull complexion can add years to your appearance, but facial rejuvenation and contouring procedures may help turn back the clock. Cosmetic surgeons offer several antiaging solutions that can help you maintain your youthful looks, but many people prefer to avoid surgery, opting for alternative wrinkle treatments such as BOTOX and other dermal fillers to enhance their appearance.