What to Expect with VASER Shape Body Contouring Treatments

VASER Shape is among the newest non-invasive,  non-surgical treatments available for body contouring, fat reduction and cellulite reduction. This body shaping device can help you lose unwanted body fat from problem areas within a few hours, and you can expect to see progressive results over the course of a few weeks. VASER Shape is now available at several cosmetic surgery centers and medical spas around the country, and may be just what you need to lose a few stubborn inches for good.

If you have been looking for liposuction alternatives, get in touch with a cosmetic surgeon in your area to find out if you are a god candidate for VASER Shape. Your surgeon can explain how this innovative fat reduction procedure works, and if you may be a good candidate for treatment.

Undergoing VASER Shape Treatments

The VASER Shape device works with ultrasound technology to disrupt the fat cells and promote fat metabolism. The device is applied directly on top of the skin and the entire treatment feels like a relaxing massage.  You can learn more about losing inches with VASER Shape body contouring here.

Most people need to undergo at least three to five VASER Shape treatment in order to see visible results. It’s important to remember that you will continue to see results for several weeks and months after your last treatment session. You will see a temporary reduction in cellulite after your VASER Shape treatments, and your skin will appear firmer, smoother and more toned.

Recovery Time for VASER Shape Body Contouring

Since the VASER Shape procedure doesn’t require any needles or incisions, you will not feel any pain and there is no downtime involved. The treated area may be slightly pink and tender immediately after treatment because VASER Shape will increase circulation to the treated area. Any tenderness or swelling will resolve within a few hours after treatment, and your skin and tissues will continue to become stronger with subsequent treatments.

You can return to regular activities right after your VASER Shape treatment, including working out at the gym and heavy lifting. You do not need to wear any compression garments or other types of post-op clothing in order to improve results.

Costs of VASER Shape Body Contouring Treatments

The costs of VASER Shape treatments vary by location of the practice, the number of sessions you are having and the treatment areas. VASER Shape does cost less than traditional liposuction. The national average is approximately $500 per area, as of January 2011, so you can expect to pay between $2,000 to $3,000+ for a series of treatments.

Set up a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon in your area to find out if you may be a good candidate for VASER Shape body contouring treatments. Your surgeon can discuss the pros and cons of this procedure, and recommend a treatment plan that will help you achieve your goals.