What Is the Pillar® Procedure? And who is a Candidate?

Pillar procedure Picture - LocateADoc.comThe Pillar procedure is a treatment to stop snoring. It is a safe process which involves the insertion of small implants into the soft palate. These implants are an innocuous polyester material which has been safely used in medicine throughout history. It works by reducing tissue vibration in the soft palate, stiffening it. An obstructive soft palate is often the reason that snoring comes about, because it is not letting air flow properly. 
The Pillar procedure can be done in around 20 minutes, using only local anesthetics. It is widely known to be almost painless, and most patients can resume normal activity the same day. After the process is complete, it can take a few weeks before it takes effect. It can cost around $1700 to have done, so it depends how much you value a quality night’s sleep.

The Pillar procedure is a last resort - what else to try?

The fact is that the Pillar procedure is a clinically proven solution, amongst many that just don’t work. There are some solutions available, which you could benefit from trying first. You are a candidate for the Pillar procedure as a last resort, if you have exhausted the possibility of:
Acupuncture, nasal strips, chin straps, cutting dairy out your diet, electro-shock therapy, herbal remedies, increased room humidity, weight loss, mouthpieces, less alcohol, special pillows of throat sprays. 
This is almost an exhaustive list, but there is one thing you could try if you’ve got to the end of all these options. You could always try the Pillar procedure, but if you are looking for a more affordable solution you might want to try sewing a tennis ball into the back of your pajamas. This encourages you, while you are, asleep not to roll onto your back because it would be both painful and uncomfortable. 

If all else fails…

If you have tried these options, all without effect and ended up ruining a good pair of pajamas in the process, the Pillar process could well be for you. It is easily done, relatively cheap and stays effective over time. It isn’t something which simply reverses itself; it is something which will always be there to help make sure you have a great night’s sleep. Some people might say that you can’t put a price on a great night’s sleep, making the Pillar process absolutely invaluable. Whether you think that is true or not, it’s up to you.