What are the Top Five Ways to Strengthen your Immune System?

Your immune system is literally your safeguard of life. A compromised immune system turns fatal in a very short time. Here are some ways to give your immune system a good boost. 

Identify, be aware and consciously cut down on stress in your life.

Stress Picture - LocateADoc.comIf you’re someone who worries about everything, someone may have told you at some point that ‘worrying won’t solve the problem’. That’s a true statement; in fact, worrying could definitely make it worse. It’s easier said than done, but removing the sources of stress or just learning to deal with those sources better, since most sources of stress are not easily removed, can maintain a strong immune system. Some people think that smoking reduces stress, but it actually promotes stress on your organs, leaving you more stressed than you were prior to lighting one; which brings us nicely on to…

Stop smoking.

Stop Smoking Picture - LocateADoc.comAs well as the fact that smoking tobacco is generally bad for your health, those who smoke tobacco are also damaging the body’s natural defenses against infection. The defenses in your nose and throat that trap and kill bacteria are clogged with tar or rendered otherwise useless. If you are a smoker, you are more likely to get a cold, bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis and middle ear infections. Not to mention the damage which lung cancer does to your immune system, smoking also makes it harder to exercise, making many smokers out of breath easily, or making them think there is no point in trying to be healthy with such an unhealthy habit.

Work exercise into your routine.

Exercise Picture - LocateADoc.comStudies indicate that regular exercise strengthen the immune system up to 300%. Scientists took a large group of postmenopausal women and split the group in two. They assigned one half mild stretches to do daily; the other half was assigned moderate intensity exercise. After a year, the second group had three times fewer colds. Even though medicine can help with most things, avoiding illnesses is the biggest factor, especially illnesses that have no real cure yet, such as the common cold. Natural methods such as exercise and regulating your vitamin intake can really help you out.

Take the right vitamins.

Vitamins Picture - LocateADoc.comThere is data to suggest that a lack of zinc, selenium, folic acid, and vitamins A, B6, C, D and E can predispose you to poorly functioning immune system. Vitamins can be gained through a variety of sources; fruit, vegetables, meat and medicine. The most comprehensive collection of vitamins is found in a pharmacy in the form of multivitamin tablets. These tablets often have the RDA (recommended daily amount) of vitamins you will need to keep your immune system healthy.

Eat the right food.

Healthy Food Picture - LocateADoc.comVitamins of the highest quality are found naturally in good, old-fashioned healthy food. Mushrooms, seeds, fruit, vegetables and meat are a rich source of everything you will need. Fast food has often been prepared in a way that factor out the goodness, leaving just the hollow food substance left. Either that or it is so loaded full of saturated fat that it is impossible to be healthy from eating it. Don’t fall into the trap of taking the easy way out; always prepare food or buy healthy snacks to keep your immune system healthy.

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