5 Ways to Beat Anxiety Now

5 Ways To Beat Anxiety Picture - LocateADoc.comBefore we are able to learn some of the ways to overcome anxiety, it is important to first know what it really is and why it often affects us adversely.
Anxiety is simply the apprehension over something that is forthcoming. It is the emotional response to a perceived danger, which is not necessarily real. Anxiety is what usually puts a person on edge over something that is he or she is expecting to come. This something doesn’t necessarily come in the form of events. They can be typical occurrences in our daily lives but those that we unnecessarily sweat over. This can be alarming as it doesn’t only affect us but other people as well. With this, let us discover some of the ways to combat anxiety.

Get enough sleep

People, especially the employed, can get very much immersed with work that they tend to forego their needed sleep. Let us remember that no matter how much time we extend for overtimes, our work will still not be finished. There will be more work and foregoing proper sleep will not help. Instead, it will do the opposite of help because lack of sleep adversely affects our performance. Therefore, make sure to get enough sleep.

Tidy things up

Sometimes, our stress and anxiety come from the clutter of things around us. In fact, there are people whose pet peeves are untidiness and discord. Take time to tidy your things, in the office, in your room or in your car. A serene surrounding helps a person’s inner serenity.

Meditate and be silent

As the world goes faster and faster, the need for meditation and a pause becomes more crucial. A short retreat from everyday hassle is sometimes all what a highly anxious person needs. It helps clear up the mind, re-evaluate the things that cause unnecessary worry and eliminate them.

Eat right

We are not aware of it but when we are anxious, our appetite and food cravings are also affected. What we don’t know is that there are actually foods that will worsen our state. Thus, let us try to eat foods that contain nutrients such as vitamin B and omega-3. Studies show that these nutrients are closely linked with good mental health and are helpful in reducing symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Conversely, sugary and processed foods can increase symptoms of anxiety.

Play around, express gratitude and smile

Kids and animals are innately gifted with the ability to play. Let us learn from them and take some time for leisure. Studies also show that expressing gratitude effectively helps reduce anxiety, just as much as laughter and smiling do. Therefore, be grateful and smile.


Photo By DVIDSHUB [Creative Commons http://goo.gl/yKzfk7]