Vein Stripping


If varicose veins are making you feel self-conscious, or causing pain and numbness in your body, perhaps its time to talk to a vein doctor about vein stripping otherwise known as sclerotherapy. Vein stripping is among the most effective options for removing varicose veins permanently, and the procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on the number of veins that need to be removed. 

Vein Stripping Treatment

Vein stripping is a relatively simple operation. It begins with making small incisions in the upper thigh and directly over the varicose vein or veins that have been deemed problematic. A “vein stripping” tool is then inserted through the incision in the thigh and pushed down to the incision over the vein using a hooking technique. 

Damaged veins are tied off, so that blood can start to recirculate in other, healthier veins nearby. The problematic vein can then be pulled out from the skin tissues, and the incisions are closed up using a special thread.

Advantages to Vein Stripping

Same day procedure
Resume regular activities within days
Cost effective option

Disadvantages to Vein Stripping

Risks include excessive bleeding or infection
Not right procedure for patient with severely damaged veins
Must wear compression stocking after surgery
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