Understand Your Options For Buttock Augmentation with Dr. Chad Deal

While Buttock Augmentation or Butt Implants have grown in popularity, there are many options and questions for those considering a buttock enhancement. 
Is it safe?
What is the best candidate?
What is the best method?
What are my options? Butt Injections?


Recently, Dr. Chad Deal explored some of these questions and offered his pros and cons for five ways to augment or lift the buttock.
     1. Buttock Implants
         Pros: Immediate results, consistent sizing, longevity
        Cons: Infection, Wound Dehiscense (break-down), Implant Step-off, Implant rotation or Malposition, Capsular Contracture, Hematoma, Seroma (fluid collection), Large scars  
     2. Brazilian Buttock Augmentation (BBA/BBL)
         Pros: Low complication rate (Low chance of hematoma, Seroma (fluid collection), Infection, Smooth Contour, Natural Appearing, Essentially no scars            
        Cons: 3 months for final result, Potentially underwhelming results, Uncertain long-term results  
     3. Liposculpting only
         Pros: Very low complication rate, Smooth contour, Natural appearing, No scars  
        Cons: 3 months for final result, Highest chance for potentially underwhelming results  
     4. Fillers “Butt Injections"
         Pros: Mostly unknown, No scars, No anesthesia needed  
        Cons: Off-label and in some cases Illegal use of substances not intended for buttock augmentation, Unknown infection rates, Uncertain scars, Uncertain long-term results  
     5. Surgical Buttock Lift/Tuck “True lifting procedure”
Pros: Great option for massive weight loss patients, Lifts the buttocks vs. augmenting alone, Reliable results, Immediate results        
Cons: Very large scars, Need for drains, Wound dehiscence (break-down)
Dr Deal's choice is the Brazilian Buttock Augmentation. He says, "In essence, the BBA provides the best chance for the most appealing and natural results while maintaining a low complication rate and the forgivability to re- attempt a second transfer without aesthetic harm to the patient."
Regarding buttock injections, Dr. Deal says, “I would NEVER at this point recommend them unless it is under the guise of a study.”
These topics are explored in more depth on a recent blog post on Southern Surgical Arts website. Also, the LocateADoc.com Buttocks Augmentation resource guide provides a full overview including frequently asked questions and doctor reviews as well as before and after photos of butt implants.