Top 3 Signs You Have a Dry Eye Problem

Dry Eye Picture -
Dry eye condition affects both eyes and is a common syndrome that causes eye irritation in people over the age of 65. Here are the top three signs which may suggest you have dry eye syndrome:
Irritation: You may have burning sensation or grittiness in your eyes. This symptom is not accompanied by redness in your eyes. However, if you do have redness, there may be some other complication. 
Slightly Blurred Vision: You may also notice minor blurred vision sometimes. However, dry eyes do not lead to permanent vision loss. 
Discomfort: Patients with dry eyes find discomfort in bright light. People, who wear contact lenses, may find them slightly uncomfortable. All these symptoms can be helpful in diagnosing Dry Eye syndrome.

What to watch out for to prevent dry eyes

You must protect your eyes from harsh weather conditions like strong wind and dust. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Make sure you are not using any medication which is causing dry eyes. Increase the intake of food containing vitamin A, C and E. If needed, take flax seed and Omega-3 fatty acids supplements.
If you work for long hours on PC or laptop, blink your eyes in between. The aim is to relieve your eyes from strain. If you wear contact lenses, make sure you take them out often. And last, give yourself plenty of rest to make your body and eyes healthy.
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Photo By Roland Slakis [Creative Commons]