Top Five Body Contouring Procedures at a Glance

If you’ve been struggling to lose a few inches or want to reshape your figure, body contouring may be the answer. Many board-certified plastic surgeons in the United States offer several types of body contouring procedures and body shaping treatments that can target stubborn fatty tissue, reduce inches and help you achieve a more sculpted, attractive silhouette. Some of the latest innovations in body contouring include laser assisted lipo and low level laser therapy (Zerona).

Set up a consultation with a plastic surgeon in your area to learn more about some of the latest body contouring procedures. Your surgeon can discuss some of the pros and cons of different procedures, and determine which treatment will be most effective for helping you reach your goals.

Here’s a quick look at five of the most popular body contouring procedures in the United States:

Low Level Laser Therapy

Zerona is among the latest innovations in body contouring and is considered to be a low level laser therapy. This is a completely non-invasive procedure that works by emitting laser energy directly into the fat cells. The cells begin to release body fat naturally, and the body flushes the fat out over a a few weeks. As the cells empty out, the tissue appears flatter and more toned.

Radio Frequency Assisted Lipo

This surgical procedure does require the use of anesthetic and works by breaking up body fat from the surrounding tissues before extraction. Radio frequency assisted liposuction is also known as BodyTite, and is effective fro treating very small areas of stubborn fat and for getting rid of cellulite. Some surgeons believe that this is the best type of liposuction technique for treating cellulite.

Laser Assisted Lipo

If you’re looking for skin tightening benefits, laser assisted lipo could be the best solution. In this procedure, a laser fiber heats up the fatty tissue until the fat melts. Melted fat is easy to extract using a cannula, and the heat from the procedure helps to stimulate collagen production. As the body heals from surgery, the skin and tissues become tighter and there is noticeable skin shrinkage. You’ll find this marketed as SmartLipo or SlimLipo in the United States.

Traditional Liposuction

When you need to lose several pounds of body fat or are getting other body contouring procedures, traditional liposuction may be the best procedure for you. In this procedure, the surgeon uses a thin cannula to remove the fat cells from the tissue. He or she may need to make several incisions to ensure that all of the fat can be removed evenly, and most people can resume regular activities within a few days.

Ultrasound Assisted Lipo

Another innovative alternative to traditional liposuction, this procedure involves using ultrasound energy waves to break up body fat. Vaser liposuction is often used as a body sculpting and body contouring procedure, and can target very small areas to create a smooth and tight appearance.

Learn more about liposuction in our information guide, or talk to a plastic surgeon in your area to find out if you may be a good candidate for any of these popular body contouring procedures.