Top Anti Aging Laser Procedures for Wrinkle Removal

If you are experiencing signs of premature aging such as fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, have deep wrinkles around the nose, or have sagging skin around the jaw line, you may be a god candidate for an anti aging laser procedure. Today’s innovative skin rejuvenation procedures include a lineup of cosmetic laser procedures designed to stimulate collagen production and create a more youthful look.

Whether you’re dealing with years of sun damage, age spots or loose skin, these lasers can effectively improve your appearance and even take off several years. Here’s a close look at some of the latest anti aging laser procedures available for wrinkle reduction:

Anti Aging Laser: SmoothBeam

The SmoothBeam laser procedure is designed to treat wrinkles, acne scars and minor to moderate lines around the mouth, eyes and nose area. This laser is also commonly used to treat acne but promises skin tightening and toning benefits for those with aging skin. The SmoothBeam laser may be combined with other anti aging treatments including Botox, dermal fillers and microdermabrasion between sessions to enhance results.

Anti Aging Laser: PhotoDerm

The PhotoDerm laser, also known as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments promises progressive results by triggering collagen production and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Since there is no burning of the skin tissue involved, the patient can return to work or regular activities immediately after the procedure. PhotoDerm and IPL treatments are readily available at many cosmetic dermatology centers and medical spas around the country.

Anti Aging Laser: YAG – CoolTouch

The CoolTouch laser is designed to increase collagen production and is most effective for tightening and toning the skin. This anti aging laser procedure is not a good match for getting rid of age spots or freckles, but does work relatively well for patients who have signs of premature aging. This laser is easy to administer and treatments are fairly brief. Since there is no downtime, patients can return to regular activities immediately after their procedure.

Anti Aging Laser: Erbium Laser

Designed to remove superficial wrinkles and moderate lines, the erbium laser promises a short recovery time and is suitable for people with darker skin tones. Most people typically need a series of treatments to achieve significant results, but the Erbium laser is readily available at many medical spas and aesthetic surgery clinics around the country.

Anti Aging Laser: CO2 Laser

The C02 laser is the most common skin rejuvenation laser treatment available and is designed to treat fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, nose and eyes. This procedure may be performed in conjunction with facelift surgery to achieve the best results. It is typically administered under local or general anesthesia, and there is a significant amount of downtime involved.
From the Erbium laser to the SmoothBeam laser, you have several options for getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles permanently. Learn more about the latest skin rejuvenation procedures in our information guide, or consult with an anti aging specialist in your area to find out if you are a good candidate for any of these laser treatments.