Tips to Avoid Tattoo Removal Side Effects

If you’ve decided that you can’t live with your tattoo anymore, you can undergo a tattoo removal procedure to get rid of the tattoo permanently. Tattoos can be removed with laser therapy but there are some risks involved and side effects can be fairly severe. Working with an experienced practitioner is critical for a successful outcome.

The tattoo removal specialists at Celibre Medical Center in Los Angeles provide some of these essential tips for avoiding side effects from this procedure:

Tattoo Removal Risks and Side Effects

Tattoo removal can be a safe procedure when performed by an experienced practitioner but when the wrong laser is used or the practitioner hasn’t performed a thorough assessment, there is a risk of scarring and even raising of the skin. Celibre Medical Center explains that some of the most common side effects of a poorly performed procedure include:

  • Hypopigmentation – scars which end up lightening in color because of an overly-aggressive treatment
  • Textured scars – a bumpy scar that can bleed or scab because of an overly-aggressive treatment
  • Keloid scars – raising of the skin which appears to be a burn but ends up being a permanent scar

Reducing Risks and Side Effects of Tattoo Removal

A correct assessment of the type of tattoo that needs to be removed is a critical first step. The practitioner needs to determine what type of ink was used to create the tattoo, and also take into account the patient’s skin type. The practitioner can then choose the right setting for the laser so that the skin doesn’t get overly damaged. An aggressive treatment with the wrong laser setting is what usually causes scars, burns, hypopigmentation, and the development of keloid scars in some patients.

Make sure that the practitioner you choose is using the most advanced FDA-approved lasers on the market. Don’t forget to ask for before and after photos so you can get a better idea of what to expect with your procedure.

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