Tips for Taking Care of Porcelain Veneers

You’ve made an investment to achieve that picture-perfect smile with porcelain veneers, but those amazing results won’t last forever without the right care plan. You will need to take extra good care of your teeth and gums after getting veneers because any dental problems can take their toll on the veneers. Since veneers are attached to your teeth, any gum or hygiene problems can be even more problematic because the gum tissues can swell and become puffy. Cosmetic Dentistry doctors will provide you with a care plan after treatment, but it’s up to you to take good care of your oral health and your new teeth.

Cleaning Your Veneers

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Sheldon Seidman recommends getting porcelain veneers cleaned three or four times a year. If you have any type of stains or issues with the surface of your teeth, make sure to get those taken care of before the veneers are applied. If you don’t take care of your teeth before the veneers, your gums can become very irritated and the gum tissue can become swollen and tender. Cleaning your teeth and veneers regularly will prevent any serious problems that can cause chipping, pitting, or staining of the veneers.

Polishing Veneers

A dental hygienist can polish your teeth and veneers about once every three or four months. You will need a dental visit for this polishing session because the hygienist will use special tools and cleaning solutions to buff and clean your teeth and veneers thoroughly. Make sure you’re keeping up with your regular brushing and flossing routine between dental visits and you’ll enjoy your results for years to come.

Managing Activities

Porcelain veneers do act just like regular teeth but that doesn’t mean they can withstand an excessive amount of pressure. Avoid biting down hard on bones, hair pins, or even chewing your fingernails. Chewing on ice can be very damaging to your teeth and can chip or break your veneers. If you participate in sports, wear a mouth protector when you’re on the field.

A qualified Cosmetic Dentist can help you achive that natual looking smile you have always been looking for.  Still don't believe us?  Take a look at these porcelian veneers pictures of some top Cosmetic Dentists in your area.