Tips for Choosing Between Dysport and Botox Cosmetic

Those frown lines on your forehead and wrinkles around your eyes could be giving away your age, but a quick injectable fix could be all you need to restore your youthful looks. Both Dysport and Botox Cosmetic can make those deep grooves and lines on your face disappear for a few months, but each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Both can be administered over your lunch hour, and may be an affordable alternative to other wrinkle-reduction procedures.

When you set up a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon, you’ll have the chance to discuss both the pros and cons of Dysport and Botox Cosmetic. Some experts suggest that Dysport really is better than Botox for getting rid of wrinkles in the long-term, while others claim both injectables are equally as effective for wrinkle reduction.

Reasons to Choose Dysport for Wrinkle Removal

The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) recently published results of their Dysport study and presented it at the AAPRS 2010 Fall Meeting. The study concluded that Dysport offers several advantages in wrinkle reduction over Botox Cosmetic, and may be particularly effective for treating crow’s feet – the small lines and wrinkles that develop at the corners of the eyes.

Some of the key reasons to choose Dysport for wrinkle removal include:

  • Proven results
  • No downtime
  • Results last from 4 to 6 months
  • Less expensive than Botox
  • Few reported side effects

Dysport is not recommended for patients under 18 years or age or for women who are pregnant or breast feeding.

Reasons to Choose Botox Cosmetic for Wrinkle Reduction

Botox Cosmetic continues to be the “gold standard” of injectables, according to Dr. Corey S. Maas, AAFPRS President for Public and Regulatory Affairs. Many people still prefer to get Botox because they are comfortable with the brand and know what to expect.

Some of the key reasons to choose Botox Cosmetic for wrinkle reduction include:

  • Proven and measurable results
  • Few reported side effects
  • Can be used for off-label purposes, including treating migraines, hyperhidrosis and joint pain
  • Is safe for almost all skin types
  • Presents few risks
  • Most patients only experience slight swelling and bruising at the injection site
  • No downtime
  • You are comfortable paying a premium price for a well-known brand injectable

Botox is also not recommended for patients under 18 years of age or for women who are pregnant or breast feeding.

Both Botox and Dysport offer a number of benefits for anyone who wants to eliminate wrinkles and rejuvenate their appearance. However, each one also has certain advantages over the other. If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to Botox and are comfortable with trying something new, Dysport  may be your best option. If you prefer to stick with a globally known “gold standard” in injectables, just ask the doctor for Botox.

Learn more about injectable fillers in our information guide, or talk to your cosmetic surgeon about the pros and cons of Dysport and Botox Cosmetic for getting rid of wrinkles.