Time for a Late Summer Detox?

If those New Year's resolutions to lose weight and get healthy have made their way out of your to-do list, summer is a great time to shape up and get back on track. Losing weight is easier with a plan, and there are plenty of ways to jumpstart your diet and get into a healthy mode - well before the next year begins.

Deciding to Detox

Do you even need a detox? If you're experiencing low energy, anxiety, irritability or feel like you're gaining weight, these could be symptoms of a sluggish metabolism. Learn about detox basics and how a detox program really works.

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Detox Wraps at the Spa

Day spas and medspas are the best places to enjoy a detox wrap that can enhance your weight loss efforts by giving your metabolism a boost. Body wraps and vacuum massage treatments are also effective ways to reduce cellulite and even lose a few pounds.

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Detox Basics - Eight Ways to Jumpstart Your Metabolism

Lose the weight successfully without depriving your body of essential nutrition. From dry skin brushing to using Epsom salts in the bath tub, here are eight ways to enjoy a total body detox.

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Superfoods - Are They Just a Myth?

You may be tempted to jump into a diet full of "superfoods" or miracle foods with the latest slew of programs on the market. Find out if superfoods can help you get a head start on a detox and healthier lifestyle - or if they're just a myth.

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9 Food Rules for Better Skin

Get started on a healthier lifestyle by eating some key foods that make you feel great and keep your skin healthy. Berries, avocados and blueberries are just a few essential foods that need to be on your weekly menu. Discover the nine food rules are that can improve your skin from inside out.

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Ward Off Sun Damage with Your Diet

Are you spending more time in the sun this season? Make sure you're stocking up on these key foods that help ward off sun damage and do your body - and skin - favor.

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Cosmetic Surgery Before the Holidays - Best Treatments for Planning Ahead

And when you're done fine-tuning you diet and want to look your best this holiday season, don't forget about your choices in cosmetic surgery treatments. From BOTOX injections that get rid of wrinkles to Thermage skin tightening treatments for toning up, here are some of the best treatments for planning ahead for the holidays.

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