Tighten and Tone Arms with the Mini Arm Lift

Vaser Liposelection Pictures and SmartLipo PicturesLoose skin around the biceps and triceps and untoned arms can make it hard to wear sleeveless tops and dresses, and you might find yourself hiding in long-sleeved shirts or wearing cap sleeves more often than not. Fortunately, some plastic surgeons are offering the ultimate fix with the mini arm lift procedure. This fat removal and skin tightening procedure can get rid of excess fat that “hangs” below the upper arm and creates a more sculpted, defined appearance.

If you want to get rid of the extra fat and skin under your arms and avoid extensive surgery, get in touch with a plastic surgeon in your area to discuss the benefits of the mini arm lift. Your surgeon will perform a complete skin and body exam, and determine which procedure will help you achieve that sculpted and toned look.

How the Mini Arm Lift is Performed

The mini arm lift is a relatively simple procedure that is performed on an outpatient basis at the plastic or cosmetic surgeon’s office. The surgeon will mark the areas where fat needs to be removed from and will create a very small incision in each arm. Most surgeons use either the SmartLipo or VASER liposuction technique to melt and extract the excess fat. Once the fat is removed, the skin begins to heal quickly and results can be seen within a day or two after the procedure. There is no need for bandages or support garments, and the patient can resume light lifting within a few days after the procedure.

View these before and after Vaser Liposelection pictures and SmartLipo pictures of patients who have benefitted from these procedures in many ways.

Are You a Good Candidate for the Mini Arm Lift?

Almost all individuals are good candidates for the mini arm lift and the procedure can be performed on most skin types. Since the surgery requires very minimal incisions, you won’t need to worry about visible scarring and marks after your skin and tissues heal – it’s virtually a “scarless” procedure.

You could be a good candidate for the mini arm lift if you:

  • Have lost a lot of weight very quickly recently
  • Have been pregnant and gained and lost a significant amount of weight
  • Do not work out regularly and consequently do not have toned biceps and triceps
  • Have strong upper arm muscles but have a layer of fat covering them
  • Are looking for a quick and simple procedure that involves minimal downtime
  • Are at a healthy weight and aren’t planning on getting pregnant (and gaining weight) in the near future
  • Are prepared to maintain results with a healthy diet and consistent exercise regimen

Most people will need to avoid doing any type of heavy upper body exercises for several weeks after the mini arm lift procedure so that the skin and tissues can heal completely. The procedure may be followed up with a skin tightening procedure such as Thermage or Titan which help to increase collagen production in the body and make the skin more resilient.

Learn more about the arm lift in your information guide, or set up a consultation with plastic surgery doctors in your area to find out if you are a good candidate for this innovative fat removal procedure.