Thermocoagulation for Facial Vein and Mole Removal

Facial veins, moles and age spots can be difficult to hide with makeup, and only a few cosmetic procedures can eliminate them completely. Thermocoagulation
is one of those treatments and its slowly becoming a popular treatment for patients who want to get rid of facial veins, moles, small leg veins and, or to treat rosacea.

How Thermocoagualation Works

Thermocoagulation uses microwave energy to penetrate the skin tissues and eliminate pigmentation, spider veins and other damaged skin tissues that are located directly under the skin’s surface. The energy waves remove the damaged skin cells completely. The skin quickly begins to heal itself and produces collagen to replace the lost cells, which encourages the natural healing process and leaves the treated area slightly pink. 
A scab forms over the damaged tissue as the skin begins to heal, and more healthy cells are produced to restore the damaged tissue. When the skin underneath the scar has healed, the scar falls off and the remaining skin will be much lighter in tone and have an even texture. The skin’s natural renewal process can take between 21 – 28 days, and the treated area will become less and less noticeable over time.
Your cosmetic surgeon or board certified plastic surgeon may be used to treat larger areas of the face, but the procedure is relatively painless and does not cause any bruising or soreness. The scabs begin to form immediately after the treatment, and the results can be better than conventional laser procedures.
The Veinwave non-surgical procedure is already available in the United Kingdom, and promises to remove disfiguring veins completely.   Spider veins can vary in size and color, and the most noticeable varieties are a dark blue or purple in color. Veinwave treatments use microwave technology to heat up the skin using a small needle; the heat helps to break down the visible vein and skin tissues. Results are permanent, and deeper areas of pigmentation may require a set of treatments in order to achieve optimal results (Source:

Thermocoagulation vs. Laser Vein Removal

Laser vein removal procedures have been the conventional option for getting rid of unsightly veins, but the procedure may be too intensive and leave scars for patients who want to remove small veins on the face. Spider veins that appear around the nose, on the cheeks or around the jawline can be treated with thermocoagulation with little or no damage to the surrounding skin and the procedure involves very little pain.  Most people heal completely from the procedure in 24-48 hours, and will see noticeable results immediately after the scabs fall off.
Thermocoagulation treatments are currently available at medical spas and some cosmetic surgery centers in the United States, and can cost between $200 - $400 per session, depending on the treated area and the type of equipment used. Learn more about thermocoagulation by contacting an anti-aging specialist or medical spa in your area.