The Truth Behind the Controversy of Fat Transfers

Many patients have requested if it was possible to take out the fat from one part of their body and transfer it to another place in their body, but prior attempts of fat transfer to the breast have proven unsuccessful due to poor techniques and resulted in less than ideal fat survival. Breast enlargement by the autologous, meaning making use of one’s stem cells, fat transfer technique can now provide women the option of enlarging their breasts using their own fat without the use of synthetic implants. This is also known as a natural breast augmentation.

Harvesting fat and transferring it into the breast takes advanced techniques.  This fat transfer technique is to enhance the survival of transferred fat with the use of one’s own stem cells. Once harvested, and after combining the fat and the stem cells, it is then injected into the breast resulting in the permanent 200cc to 400cc overall breast size. This would allow for a 1 cup size increase. The result is larger breasts that are very natural in appearance and feel without the risk of implants. Unlike implants, this procedure will not interfere with future mammograms. This procedure offers women the option of enlarging their breast with their own fat using safe proven techniques that are virtually pain free and with less than 48 hours off from work.

Based on technology and techniques used 20 years ago, the major U.S. Plastic Surgery society denounced fat transfer to the breast as a dangerous procedure. In March of 2009, recent developments have prompted the lift on this ban. Many plastic surgeons are unaware of the new and improved techniques or of the recent lifting of this ban and still advise patients against this procedure.

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The common myths you will hear from doctors who have not followed these recent changes are:

Myth: Most of the fat doesn’t survive so more than one surgery is needed

Truth: New techniques have proven a 70-85% fat survival. Stem cell techniques have shown fat survival to be even higher. The alternative breast implants may need to be replaced every 10 years and problems such as scarring and rupture are common.

Myth: Calcifications caused by the surgery can interfere with mammograms

Truth: Studies have proven that newer digital mammograms can easily evaluate calcifications in the breast whereas the alternative procedures, breast implants, can block more than ½ of the breast from the view of mammograms.

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