The Real Reasons to Get Rid of Belly Fat

A trim and toned midsection has become the ‘ideal’ for men and women alike, but the visual appeal of that tighter stomach isn’t the only reason to stick with that gym routine. 

Researchers are confirming several health benefits of having that fat-free midsection pointing out that a high level of abdominal fat is linked to the following:

  • Heart disease
  • Poor liver function
  • Higher risk of diabetes

If your commitment to a healthy diet and exercise program still leaves you with extra weight around your waist, cosmetic or plastic surgery may help get rid of that abdominal fat for good. Here are some of your options to get rid of tummy fat for good. 

  • Tummy Tuck: This is a surgical procedure that creates a flatter smoother tummy. Your doctor will remove the saggy skin and extra fat, then retighten the muscles in the belly.
  • Liposuction: During this procedure, your doctor uses a surgical tool that removes excess fat from the tummy area.
  • Body Lift: This procedure is used to remove excess fat from the general tummy, hip, thigh, and back area. 

All aesthetic reasons aside, here are a few more reasons to get rid of belly fat for the long-term – and improve your health as a result:  

1. Lower risk of heart disease. According to researchers at the Hamilton General Hospital in Ontario, Canada, overweight women have a higher risk of heart attacks and heart disease (Source: Their team of researchers also reported a higher incidence of heart attacks for ‘apples’ than ‘pears’ in both men and women, so a reduction of body fat around the waistline can be beneficial for the long-term.  

2. Reduces your risk of developing diabetes. Diabetes is often the result of a high-carbohydrate diet and excess weight overall. When those extra carbs are deposited around the midsection, the extra fat can release free fatty acids into the body which reduces the break down of insulin, according to David Zinczenko, author of The Abs Diet (2004). Insulin imbalances can trigger diabetes and make it even more difficult to lose fat around the waist naturally.

3. Lower blood pressure. Extra belly fat and increased weight overall have been linked to high blood pressure. According to a report from Healthlink, a publication of the Medical College of Wisconsin, blood pressure rises dramatically if you are overweight, as much as two to six times the risk than if you maintained a healthy weight.

4. Reduces your risk of developing cancer. Dr. Anne McTiernan, director of Fred Hutchinson’s Prevention Center reported results of a study that indicated a lower risk of insulin production in people with low levels of intra-abdominal fat. This type of fat, also known as visceral fat can lead to not only diabetes and cardiovascular disease, but triggers insulin to a level that can lead to cancer cell growth (Source:  High levels of insulin have also been linked to breast cancer according to this study reported at an annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in New Orleans.

5. Improves your posture. Reducing body fat around your waistline and building up strength in the core muscles can improve your posture. This naturally reduces your risk of back pain and other muscle problems, making you healthier overall.    

Losing belly fat can be a challenge for both men and women, but taking steps to reduce that extra weight around the waist can improve your health for the long run. From liposuction to other fat removal procedures, you can achieve that tightened and toned look with ease – valuable options if diet and exercise aren't helping you lose those extra pounds and inches.