The Perfect Mother's Day Gift: Mommy Makeover Using Plastic Surgery

What do Moms Really Want for Mother's Day?

Pregnancy can be a beautiful time in a woman’s life. Watching and feeling your unborn child grow within you. Nothing else matters in the world. That is until you realize a lot more grew within you than you thought…

During pregnancy your uterus grows about one centimeter per week. That means by the time you give birth your stomach has stretched more than 15 inches!  And that’s not including the late night chocolate cravings!  Add breast-feeding to the equation and you just may be eligible for this year’s newest trend: the “mommy makeover.”

The “Mommy Makeover” is Specifically Designed to Sculpt the Body Post Pregnancy Targeting these Common Problem Areas:

  • Protruding belly
  • Loose skin
  • Deflated breasts
  • Stretch marks
  • Stubborn, left-over pockets of fat

The Three Procedures Most Often Associated with the “Mommy Makeover” are:

  • Tummy Tuck: removing extra skin and tightening abdominal muscles that stretched during pregnancy
  • Breast Implants: rejuvenating sagging breasts and replacing volume lost after breastfeeding 
  • Liposuction: removal of excess pockets of fat to restore your natural contours 

These procedures can sometimes be done during one surgery or may be broken up depending on your personal desires, schedule, and overall health. With any surgical procedure a strict recovery regimen must be enforced.  Depending on the procedures elected you should be able to return to some of your normal activities within a few days.  Your cosmetic surgeon or board certified plastic surgeon will tailor a specific recuperation schedule just for you.

Depending on the surgeries elected the cost of your “mommy makeover” can greatly vary.  On average, the price of a “mommy makeover” is between $13,000 and $20,000. Talk with mommy makeover doctors to determine which procedures are best for you.  It is also very common for patients to opt for some form of financing when paying for the “mommy makeover.” has an entire section discussing mommy makeover financing.

Having a child is one of life’s truly magnificent gifts. However, the rigors of pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding can have an adverse and unflattering effect on your body.  If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms, it may be time to hang up the mom jeans and step out into a new, more confident you.