The Oxygen Facial. The Latest Skin Revival Treatment

Dry, dull looking skin can add years to appearance and may not respond to your usual skincare or makeup routine. If you’re not getting enough sleep, are undergoing extreme stress, or even experiencing hormonal shifts, the effects can quickly show up on your skin. Toxins from the environment and an unhealthy diet can further compound the effects, making skin look far from healthy.   

The Oxygen Facial presents one solution for giving your skin a much-needed boost; this skin rejuvenation treatment that is now available at several medispas, cosmetic dermatology centers and laser centers across the country, and may be a valuable alternative – or addition – to your regular skin management routine.   

If you’ve been looking for a new way to give your skin a makeover, here’s what you can expect from the Oxygen Facial:  

How the Oxygen Facial Works  

The Oxygen Facial is an eight-step step process that begins with an internal ‘cleansing’ so that skin is well-prepared for the treatment.   

Step 1:  The Oxy-Blast Oxygen Shooter. This is a small ‘shot’ of glucose, magnesium and potassium that helps to activate the oxygen absorption process.  

Step 2: The Oxygen Infusion. A mask is placed on the face, and pure hydrated oxygen is pumped through the diffuser so that you can begin breathing in the aroma-oxygen blend.  

Step 3:  The Oxygen Facial Buff. After the mask is removed, a botanical-infused cleanser is applied to the face and neck. This contains essential anti-aging minerals and vitamins including Vitamin E and CoQ10 that can remove dead skin cells, provide deep exfoliation and nourish the skin with moisture and emollients.  

Step 4: The Activated Oxygen Treatment. A proprietary blend of oxygen-infused ingredients is then applied to the skin.  

Step 5: The Replenish Oxygen Face Serum. An antioxidant-rich serum is applied to the face to speed up cell regeneration and encourage healing.  

Step 6: The Oxygenator. The skin is now prepared for another oxygen-infused treatment. This treatment contains vitamins and mineral water designed to ‘set’ the layers of treatment and shuttle the vitamins, minerals and emollients deeper within the skin’s layers.   

Step 7: The Transformation Face and Neck Therapy. An emollient-rich cream is applied to the face to tighten the skin and infuse it with even more moisture.  

Step 8: The Oxygen Face Lift. The oxygen mask is set onto the face again to deliver another blast of aroma-oxygen onto the treatment area.  

(Source: The Oxygen Experience)

Do You Really Need an Oxygen Facial?    

In his thesis A Milestone in Cosmetology, Dr. Paul Herzog, M.D., Scientist and Doctor in Medicine at the Nobel Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, describes how a lack of oxygen to the cells speeds up the aging process. Making sure the skin receives enough oxygen requires drinking enough water, eating healthy foods, and encouraging a healthy metabolic process so that toxins can be flushed from the cells with ease. The Oxygen Facial can help enhance this natural process with its invigorating blast of oxygen to the face and neck area and infusion of botanical ingredients, emollients and nutrients. If you have excessively dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles, or your skin isn’t looking fresh and youthful, the Oxygen Facial may help you achieve healthier, radiant and younger-looking skin after just one treatment.  

Bottom Line: The Oxygen Facial offers several benefits for aging skin, sufferers of adult acne, or just to de-stress and restore skin to a healthier state.  The combination of deep exfoliation and hydration can be especially valuable for anyone who wants to revive dull or lifeless skin and obtain a healthier glow.  

Learn more about the facial treatments and other skin rejuvenation options in our information guide, or consult with a dermatologist in your area to find out if this facial treatment will meet your needs.