The Masculine Figure

Over the past 5 years there has been an explosion in male liposculpture, and it continues to become more popular for men every day.

Sydney cosmetic surgeon Dr Anoop Rastogi explains that "despite the fact that liposuction is a commonly considered procedure among women, men are in fact probably even more ideally suited for liposuction than their female counterparts."

Dr. Rastogi describes the reasons for this as follows: "Firstly, men tend to have more localized fat deposits that are readily extracted by liposculpture.  Secondly, men have thicker skin, which contains a dense matrix of collagen and elastin giving it better retraction following a liposculpture even in older age groups, and thirdly, the desired shape for a male figure lends itself to successful sculpting."

With a male liposculpture the aim is to chisel the body.

Dr. Rastogi uses precise surgical techniques with an artistic approach to create a refined masculine shape.  He explains: "Sculpting a male is very different to sculpting a woman.  With a male sculpture the aim is to chisel the body, accentuating the broadness of the shoulders and upper torso, slimming the waist tight to the hips and unmasking the six-pack.  We want to create an inverted triangular shape with as much muscle definition as possible."  To achieve this Dr. Rastogi uses a combination of specialized instruments and techniques designed to allow him to smoothly sculpt the typically firm and fibrous male fat.

Men undergoing liposculpture come from all walks of life; plumbers to footballers, builders to businessmen, usually between their mid twenties and their mid fifties.  The most common areas for male liposculpture include the tummy, love handles, chest and chin.  Dr. Rastogi emphasizes that sensible eating and exercise are the keystones for maintaining a good figure.  However, he also recognizes that because of changes in metabolism and patterns of fat deposition in men beyond their mid thirties, that the love handles and tummy are commonly a problem even in healthy, active men. 

Liposculpture is a precise and refined procedure and when performed by a skilled and artistic surgeon can produce very worthwhile improvement for the male figure.  With short recovery times and quick return to work in most cases, male liposculpture is ever increasing in its popularity. 

Love Handles

The love handles are the single most common spot for troublesome fat accumulation in men, and are almost universal beyond the mid 30's.  Luckily it is very successfully treated by liposculpture and can often make a dramatic change to the overall appearance of the male figure.

Before & After liposculpture by Dr Rastogi

Tummy (Abdomen)

The tummy is also a very worthwhile area to treat.  Fat on the tummy is laid down in two different layers in males.  One is on top of the muscle and the other is around the intestines, behind the abdominal muscles (omental fat).  Fat on top of the abdominal muscles is easy to determine as it can be pinched up between the fingers.  It responds very well to liposculpture.  Fat around the intestines, however, cannot be removed by liposculpture and requires lifestyle change for improvement.


The male chest is a very common area for liposculpture to help improve muscle definition.  Male breast development is called Gynecomastia, or Pseudo-gynecomastia, depending on the type, and can be troublesome and distressing for many men.  With modern techniques both types are successfully treated by liposculpture, though in rare instances surgical removal of glandular tissue is required.


A fatty or double chin is common among males and is usually simply and effectively treated by liposculpture.