The Living Sculpture

While Sydney cosmetic surgeon Dr. Anoop Rastogi enjoys sculpting in clay or stone, he says nothing is more satisfying to him than sculpting the human body because it is a "living sculpture." "When one creates a sculpture in stone it is in the onlooker that the emotion is evoked," he says. "When a beautiful figure is sculpted for a patient, it is the patient who enjoys the emotion and this is infinitely more satisfying."

To consistently create beautiful liposculptures, the surgeon needs to have the appropriate level of technical skill and specific liposculpture training to produce smooth, even results. With more specific and advanced techniques, finer sculpting and greater skin retraction can be achieved. Equally as important, the liposculpture surgeon needs the artistic flair and ability to balance and harmonise the body to contour the body in a beautiful shape.

Liposculpture is both surgery and an art form. For the best results to be achieved the surgeon requires advanced technical skills gained through training, experience and an innate artistic flair.


Presents a woman in her early 40's who experienced a significant amount of weight gain with her pregnancies, and despite a sensible diet and vigorous exercise was unable to return to her pre-pregnancy figure. Her skin tone was a little loose, but reasonable, and her abdominal muscles beneath the fat were well toned.

This view demonstrates a large amount of fat on her abdomen, extending from beneath her breasts to her pubic region, a thickened waist and fat deposits on her mid and lower back.

The side view demonstrates the results of Dr Rastogi’s liposculpture. The aim was to produce an attractive and curvaceous, feminine figure that balanced her body. Using microcannulas for precision fat removal Dr Rastogi has smoothly and carefully sculpted away virtually all the abdominal fat, defining the shape of the abdominal musculative below. The skin contraction has been maximised using advanced liposuction techniques such as superficial undermining and elastic recruitment to achieve tight, smooth skin over the abdomen, waist and back. The back has been sculpted to accentuate the feminine sway of the lower back.

The back view demonstrates rolls of fat on the mid back, worse on the right than the left, a thickened waist and very large hips that are out of balance with the upper back and, therefore, accentuate their size.

The back view demonstrates the liposculpture performed by Dr Rastogi. The waist has been sculpted in tight to accentuate the curves of the figure. Maximal fat removal has been achieved over the hips, which have been sculpted in a smooth, gentle curve to blend with the outer thighs below and waist above. This has allowed Dr Rastogi to achieve the sensual, feminine curves requested by the patient. The fat rolls on the mid back have been sculpted away to leave a tight, youthful-looking figure.