The Fastest Way to Lose Those Last Ten Pounds

This 21 year old patient from California wanted to trim the weight around her tummy area and nothing worked. Like most people, she probably worked out like crazy. But there comes a point in your weight loss goal that diet and exercise will no longer help. Sometimes, your fatty deposits are hereditary. While it might be a bit frustrating, there is a solution to getting down to your ideal weight or shape. The best solution to lose those last ten pounds is liposuction.

Look at this 21 year old’s dramatic results. Her fatty areas were clearly all centered in the tummy area. Dr. M. Mark Mofid of Chula Vista, California performed liposuction and a little sculpting and turned her body into a completely different shape.

In her case, Dr. Mofid performed liposuction to her flanks, back rolls and tummy area. He even took some of the fat and transferred it to her butt to created a more contoured backend. Who would have ever thought we could recycle our own fat and put it to good use!

How Does Liposuction Work?

Liposuction is simply a surgical suctioning of your fat. If you have certain parts of your body (and we all do) that do not resist to diet and exercise, this is your ideal kind of procedure. During liposuction, your cosmetic surgeon or board certified plastic surgeon will make a small incision into your skin and insert a think tube called a cannula under your skin. The cannula acts like a vacuum, suctioning out that stubborn body fat. The results are typically a better proportioned figure and a boost in your self esteem.

Are There Advantages to Liposuction? 

The advantages to liposuction is the procedure is much less complicated than a tummy tuck or bariatric surgery which require extensive surgery. Some liposuction procedures can be done in the doctor’s office. In addition, liposuction can target stubborn fat that refuses to go away despite how much diet and exercise you do. Last, many people who have had liposuction will tell you, they get an instant boost in self esteem when they see the final results.

Are There Disadvantage to Liposuction?

One of the biggest disadvantages to liposuction is a large amount of fat can’t be removed at one time. Liposuction is typically for someone who is close to their ideal weight but needs help with the stubborn fat pockets that remain. Another disadvantage might be the recovery process. The length of the recovery time can vary depending on each person and you might have some bruising and soreness.