The Delicate Nose

Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Eng-Peng Tan explains to Christine Doggett how rhinoplasty can balance the facial features.

Most female patients considering rhinoplasty have in mind a fine and delicate nose. Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Eng-Peng Tan can reduce the size to create a nose that is in balance with the other facial features. "But rhinoplasty patients need to understand that this will not automatically confer delicacy or finesse to the nose," he says.

"Of course, patients have different characteristics," Dr Tan says. "If the patient has delicate structures of the cartilage and these contours can be seen through fine skin, the surgeon can work with that to create a delicate nose. If, however, the patient's skin is thicker, it is almost impossible to create a delicate nose. The skin itself will not convey delicacy even when the size of the nose is reduced."


AFTER rhinoplasty with Dr. Tan

Sometimes patients are unaware that the skin texture of the nose plays a part in creating a smaller, finer nose, and may be unhappy initially with this knowledge. This is why the initial consultation is so important. It is at this time that the experienced surgeon will carefully explain to the patient the limitations and the most likely realistic result.

The nose should not be the dominant feature but should balance the face and enhance the eyes and lips. When a patient is seeking cosmetic surgery to change the shape or size of the nose, it shouldn’t be done in isolation.

"I use computer imaging," says Dr Tan, "to show different possibilities. This way we can determine how surgery to the nose will impact the face as a whole before the surgery is carried out. The digital image can be manipulated to show the effect to the overall face of a smaller or larger nose, or a longer or shorter one, both 'front on' and in profile. Generally speaking, patients can correctly select the most suitable nose size and shape to harmonize with their face."

BEFORE AFTER Rhinoplasty

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