The Celebrity Nose Job

The Blake Lively nose job, Kim Kardashian nose job and Jennifer Grey nose job are among the most talked-about celebrity nose jobs in history. Dozens Hollywood stars continue to go under the knife to prfect their looks, and patients around the globe are interested in replicating the looks of their favorite celebrity with a rhinoplasty procedure. Celebrity nose jobs often serve as inspiration for a nose job procedure, but only a handful of rhinoplasty surgeons around the country have the skill and experience to replicate a particular celebrity’s features.

Even when you’re looking at celebrity nose jobs for inspiration, take a look at these nose job before and after photos so that you have realistic expectations about the outcome of your procedure.

Well-Known Celebrity Nose Jobs

Some of the most well-known celebrity nose jobs of our generation include:

Several other stars including Alexa Ray, Stephanie Pratt, Nicki Minaj, Jessica White and Taylor Lautner have been in the media about their nose and plastic surgery. Other celebs who may have inspired some celebrity nose jobs include Alicia Keys, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, Ashley Tisdale and Jennifer Aniston.

Getting a Celebrity Nose Job

If you have a large bump in the middle of your nose, want to reduce the size of the tip of your nose, or have your nose reshaped so that it has a more delicate and feminine appearance, you can turn to celebrity nose job before and after photosfor inspiration and ideas. Keep in mind that the outcome of your individual procedure may be quite different than pictures of celebrity nose jobs, so you’ll need to set realistic expectations about your procedure when talking to your rhinoplasty surgeonand making the decision to undergo surgery.

Nose Job Before and After Photos

Take a look at these nose job before and after photosto see examples of successful nose job procedures performed by surgeons in your area. Looking at nose job before and after pictures of real patients who have undergone the nose job procedure can help you set realistic expectations about the outcome of your procedure, and may even reduce your risk of undergoing nose job revision surgery.

Find a Nose Job Surgeon

If you want to get a nose job inspired by a celebrity, set up a consultation with an experienced nose job surgeon in your areato find out if you are a good candidate for the rhinoplasty procedure. Your surgeon can determine what type of nose job would be the best match for you, and if the celebrity nose job pictures you are looking at are the best fit for