The Ashlee Simpson Nose Job: Celebrity Plastic Surgery Success Story

Dozens of celebrities go under the knife to achieve the Hollywood ideal each year, but only a few reap the benefits of a successful celebrity plastic surgery procedure. The Ashlee Simpson nose job is among the most-publicized celebrity plastic surgery procedures to date, and is one of the successful Hollywood transformations. Ashlee Simpson, younger sister of Jessica Simpson, underwent the now-famed Ashlee Simpson nose job procedure to remove the bump in the middle of her nose. The shape of her nose after the procedure is much more delicate and has a more attractive curve.

Take a look at some of these nose job before and after photos to see examples of some Hollywood-inspired transformations and successful procedures that can completely change an individual’s profile.

Demand for the Ashlee Simpson Nose Job

Ashlee Simpson underwent her nose job procedure in early 2006, and her procedure has since inspired many women to undergo a nose reshaping or rhinoplasty procedure to get rid of an unattractive bump below the bridge of the nose. This is a common procedure for many men and women who want to achieve a more balanced and attractive facial profile. For women, the outcome of the Ashlee Simpson nose job procedure serves as a perfect example of a beautiful, feminine nose with a delicate contour.

The singer did report some pain after her procedure, and checked in at a Beverly Hills hospital about two weeks after her surgery. The star did not publicly admit that she underwent surgery, but her before and after photos indicate that she did undergo some type of nose remodeling and reshaping procedure.

Undergoing an Ashlee Simpson Nose Job-Inspired Procedure

The typical nose job procedure can be performed on all skin types and may involve reshaping, resizing and even augmenting various parts of the nasal bridge and cavity. Some plastic surgeons are able to reshape the tip or reduce the length of the tip to create a more symmetrical and balanced appearance. Others may simply remove the “hump” in the middle of the nose and shorten or elongate the nose until it is better aligned with other facial features.

While many people turn to celebrity photos when deciding what type of look they want to achieve with plastic surgery, it’s generally a good idea to review nose job before and after photos and other plastic surgery before and after pictures of different procedures to ensure you have realistic expectations about the outcome of your procedure.

If you’re considering something similar to the Ashlee Simpson nose job procedure, talk to a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon in your area about your options.