Ten Foods That Fight Wrinkles

While wrinkle removal treatments and beauty products can help you erase the signs of aging, a few changes in your diet and lifestyle may also help you stop the clock.   

Nutritionists and beauty experts agree that loading up on fruit, whole grains and healthy fats can keep our bodies and our skin in great shape. According to Samantha Heller, MS, RD, a clinical nutritionist at NYU Medical Center, healthy foods contribute to both your inner and outer wellness (Source:  MedicineNet.com). Certain foods have extra powers to improve the texture and tone of the skin and stop those crow’s feet in their tracks. 

Here are just ten wrinkle-fighting foods that need to make their way onto your plate:  

1. Olive Oil – it’s full of antioxidants and even has heart-protecting properties, but olive oil is a valuable source of healthy fats for any diet.  Olive oil can be used to treat inflammation and keeps skin smooth and soft.  Top off a salad with olive oil and lemon juice or pick it up as your preferred oil of choice when cooking.  

2. Blueberries – with a high concentration of Vitamin C and antioxidants, blueberries have been named one of Dr. Perricone’s super foods.  The golden rule is to choose the darkest berries possible – these are full of manganese and also contain anti-inflammatory properties that can protect your skin and bones.  

3. Salmon – a healthy source of lean protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, salmon can improve the resilience of your skin and keep the heart healthy.  Omega-3 fatty acids help to improve skin texture and may even reduce the risk of eczema, dry skin and acne that can make skin look older.  

4. Green Tea – packed with phytochemicals and polyphenols, green tea helps eliminate toxins from the body and reduces the risk of infection.  Some experts believe green tea can also slow down the development of wrinkles.  

5. Garlic – it’s been used to treat infections and improve cold symptoms, but garlic is a powerful antioxidant.  It can be consumed daily for maximum benefits either raw or cooked, and is even found in several dietary supplements and skincare solutions.  

6. Broccoli – this cruciferous vegetable contains sulforaphane, a natural detoxifying agent that can also keep your skin in great shape. Fresh is best when it comes to this green vegetable, and broccoli sprouts in particular have even higher levels of phytochemicals than the stalks, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  

7. Prunes – as one of the top 10 most powerful antioxidant foods on the USDA list, prunes are full of fiber and can promote a healthy digestive tract. Prunes are also a valuable source of energy for any afternoon slump and can help keep skin healthy and free of toxin buildup.  

8. Cashews – another source of healthy fats, cashews contain high levels of fiber, iron and magnesium.  They’re a great snack for curbing cravings for salty foods, and may help keep the skin looking resilient and smooth.  

9. Tomatoes – Newcastle University in the UK reports that tomatoes, preferably cooked contain high levels of lycopene and antioxidants that can protect skin from aging and help maintain collagen levels.  If your skin is becoming noticeably thinner as the years go by, loading up on tomato sauce may be your best anti-aging strategy.  

10. Yams – low in calories and a healthy source of potassium and fiber, yams contain several vitamins that can help stop the signs of aging. Vitamin A, E and C are all essential for healthy skin and can give your skin a boost.  

When you’re ready to give your daily diet a makeover, stocking up on these power foods may give your skin a boost. Antioxidants and vitamins such as Vitamin E and Vitamin A are especially valuable for your anti-aging regiment, giving you another way to lower your chances of developing wrinkles while strengthening your skin in the process.  

While dermal fillers and other cosmetic enhancements can help reduce the signs of aging, there are several benefits of adding a few power foods to your plate. Learn more about balanced diets in our nutritional information guide, or consult with a cosmetic surgeon in your area to review wrinkle removal treatments available.