Student Says He Knows How to Stops Breast Cancer

A medical research student in the country of Wales says he has discovered a way to stop the spread of breast cancer from spreading to other parts of the body.  The research student, named Luke Piggott, figured out a way to make breast cancer cells react to the cancer-fighting drug TRAIL.  

Right now, TRAIL isn’t being used to treat breast cancer because the medication is blocked by a certain protein found in breast cancer cells. However, while researching in the lab, Piggott was able to suppress the effect of that protein, therefore enabling the stem cells to react to TRAIL.  Piggott’s teachers at Cardiff University in Wales promise to advance the study and eventually test the drug on breast cancer patients in the United Kingdom.

When used by Piggott, TRAIL suppressed the effect of a protein called c-FLIP.  C-FLIP makes stem cells resistant to drugs. When c-FLIP isn’t present, treatments will be more effective against breast cancer.  Piggott’s research proved that breast cancer progression can be stopped.  That means, the patient won’t develop secondary tumors from the disease.  

The breakthrough amazed other researchers and physicians who learned of the incident. Now researchers are scratching their heads at whether this discovery can stop the spread of breast cancer to other areas of the body!  Read more about Piggott’s discovery in Breast Cancer Research.

All of these terms and studies may feel like too much to understand, but there are people who can explain everything to you.  Take a look at these breast cancer before and after pictures and contact a doctor who can help. Depending on the stage of your cancer, your journey may include the removal of part or all of one of your breasts.  View breast reconstruction before and after pictures to see how a woman’s breast can be reshaped after surgery.

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