SPIDER Weight Loss Surgery Featured on The Doctors' TV Show

The DoctorsTV show recently featured a new bariatric procedure that may be an attractive alternative to gastric bypass and gastric banding surgery. SPIDER weight loss surgery is a less-invasive procedure than other bariatric procedures because it involves making a tiny incision in the belly button. According to the segment on The Doctors TV show on Friday June 10, 2011, this procedure can reduce the size of the stomach by as much as 80 percent and leaves virtually no scars.

How SPIDER Weight Loss Surgery Works

The SPIDER weight loss surgery procedure involves removing a large portion of the stomach, and the operation is performed from multiple different angles for better results. Only a very small part of the stomach is left behind, so the patient feels very full after eating a small amount of food. The procedure gets its name from the effect of the tool that unfolds inside the patient like an umbrella during the procedure.

Bariatric surgeon Dr. Brian Quebbemann was featured on The Doctors TV show to talk about the procedure and showcase the success of SPIDER weight loss surgery on a formerly 233-pound female patient.  Dr. Quebbermann states that the ideal candidate for SPIDER weight loss surgery is someone who has struggled with obesity and has failed to lose weight after making significant diet and lifestyle changes.

Other Options for Getting Rid of Body Fat

Another fat reduction procedure featured on The Doctors this week was Tickle Liposuction, also known as Tickle Lipo. This innovative procedure uses technology that has been FDA approved for fat removal and body sculpting, and involves using a low-frequency acoustic infrasonic vibration to break down the fatty tissue before it is extracted from the body. This innovative method means the tissue heals up quickly and you’re left with a smooth and contoured appearance.

If you don’t need to lose a lot of weight with bariatric procedures or SPIDER weight loss surgery, you could be a good candidate for the Tickle Lipo procedure.  Take a look at some of these liposculpture before and after photos to see examples of results with tickle lipo and other liposuction procedures.

Set up a consultation with a bariatric surgeon in your area to learn more about SPIDER weight loss surgery and other bariatric procedures.