Skin Rejuvenation with the IPL and Laser Combination Treatment

An uneven skin tone or a ruddy complexion can be difficult to mask with makeup. These skin conditions can be the result of hormonal imbalances, excessive sun exposure, dehydration or just a side effect of the aging process, but a combination of laser skin restoration and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy could be the most effective way to rejuvenate the face. Skin resurfacing is a popular choice for people with discolored patches of skin or an uneven skin tone, but some doctors are finding that combining this skin rejuvenation procedure with IPL therapy produces even better results.

Set up a consultation with a cosmetic dermatologist in your area to find out if you might be a good candidate for a combination laser resurfacing and Intense Pulsed Light therapy treatment. The Pearl laser from Cutera and Fraxel resurfacing technologies are both effective for rejuvenating the face and reducing signs of skin aging.

How Combination Skin Rejuvenation Skin Treatments Work

A skin resurfacing treatment and IPL therapy immediately following the laser can produce much better results than Intense Pulsed Light therapy alone. The resurfacing treatment works by reducing redness and discoloration, and promotes the healthy production of collagen deep under the skin’s surface. Skin resurfacing treatments can also be effective for reversing some of the signs of skin damage, and for reducing lines and wrinkles around the eyes, nose and mouth.

IPL treatments emit laser signals into the skin cells and promote healthy skin cell regeneration. Within a few weeks of the combination treatment, the skin is healed completely and looks and feels much better.

Skin Resurfacing for Skin Rejuvenation

Your cosmetic dermatologist can recommend either the Pearl laser resurfacing treatment or the Fraxel resurfacing treatment to correct your most pressing skin problems. Keep in mind that both of these laser treatments are proven effective for eliminating skin discoloration, fine liens, wrinkles, age spots and the effects of sun damage. The top layer of the skin is completely resurfaced to eliminate dead skin cells and improve the pore size. Most people notice results within a few weeks after treatment.

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy for Skin Rejuvenation

Intense pulsed light therapy promotes the healthy production of new skin cells and is especially effective for evening out an uneven skin tone, eliminating dark spots and creating thicker, more resilient skin. Injured skin tissue is removed by the body within a few weeks after treatment, and the skin is left refreshed and more youthful looking. Intense Pulsed Light therapy is a completely painless procedure and can be very effective for restoring the skin after an intensive laser skin resurfacing session.

Learn more about skin rejuvenation procedures in our information guide, or set up a consultation with a cosmetic dermatologist in your area to learn more about the IPL and laser resurfacing treatment. A combination skin rejuvenation procedure may be just what you need to restore your youthful glow and keep skin looking healthy, firm and resilient.