Skin Rejuvenation Benefits of ThermaFrax

If you’ve been considering a laser skin resurfacing procedure to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, you may be a good candidate for an innovative treatment called ThermaFrax.

ThermaFrax is a combination of Thermage skin tightening treatments and the Fraxel laser, and is designed to not only reduce the effects of aging such as sun spots, wrinkles and fine lines, but also strengthen and tone the skin so that the skin appears more youthful and becomes more resilient.

How ThermaFrax Works

ThermaFrax is a two-part procedure that promises to completely transform the skin without surgery. The first part involves the fractional laser resurfacing treatment that stimulates the cell renewal process and results in the removal of the outer layer of skin. Fraxel heats the skin at selective points to break down any damaged skin cells and stimulates the cells renewal process. The specialized Fraxel laser targets thousands of pinpoints in the epidermis, leaving the surrounding tissue untouch. The untreated tissue helps promote the skin cell healing process, and collagen production is increased.
ThermaCool Thermage treatments use the power of radio frequency energy to heat up the dermal layers and help the skin rebuild itself after treatment. Collagen helps to create a more toned and resilient look, and also helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Just a single Thermage treatment is all it takes to begin the collagen rebuilding process.

Benefits of ThermaFrax

ThermaFrax is an innovative procedure because it not only helps the skin peel naturally without the risk of burning or scarring, but also helps to lift and tone the skin, producing results similar to a facelift. Results improve as the skin continues to heal, and most people experience progressive results. A series of at least six treatments offers the most benefits.
Some of the key benefits of ThermaFrax include:
  • Fast healing times
  • Reduced appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • No downtime
  • Noticeable results within a few weeks after first treatment
  • Tightens loose skin
  • No incisions or scabbing
  • Helps even out the skin tone
  • Tightens and contours the skin

Things to Consider Before Undergoing ThermaFrax

The best candidates for ThermaFrax are men and women in good health, that do not want to undergo extensive facial plastic surgery such as a facelift, eyelid lift or even a ThreadLift. The ThermaFrax procedure is designed to provide progressive results with no downtime, so the individual does not have to take time off work or eliminate regular activities from their schedule during their recovery period.
Solta Medical, the company behind ThermaFrax, reports a 90 percent satisfaction rate and the effects last for six months to two years, depending on the patient’s age and overall health of the skin. The average cost of a ThermaFrax face and neck treatment is about $3,300, depending on the doctor and location of the clinic.
Learn more about the latest skin rejuvenation benefits in our information guide, or consult with a cosmetic dermatologist in your area to find out if you may be a good candidate for treatment.